Florida Alcohol Detox: What Is It Really Like?

For individuals struggling with alcohol abuse or addiction and their families, the thought of detox in Florida brings up many questions. Finding out beforehand what really goes on and what it will be like once an individual is enrolled in a Florida program can help calm any fears and anxieties around the subject and help individuals prepare to go. Alcohol is one of the hardest substances to detox from, often causing painful withdrawal symptoms in some cases can be extremely dangerous. When people try to detox from alcohol on their own, they are usually unsuccessful and can put themselves at risk for serious medical complications. Medically monitored Florida alcohol detox programs provide around the clock care for clients to ensure their safety and deal with any complications that may arise. Going to a medically monitored Florida alcohol detox program is a safe way to successfully get through withdrawal and break the cycle of addiction.

Unfortunately, the reality is that clients will still experience some withdrawal symptoms while enrolled in Florida alcohol detox, however they will be far less painful. Clients are given different medications to help them through both the physical and mental withdrawal symptoms they experience, greatly minimizing their discomfort. Because alcohol detox can be extremely stressful and produce anxiety for some clients, many Florida alcohol detox programs will provide counseling and client education to help clients both during their stay and after they leave. A staff comprised of medical and health professionals trained to deal with a wide variety of withdrawal symptoms keep clients safe and support them throughout their program.

When a client first arrives at a Florida alcohol detox program, a full medical and psychological evaluation will be done in order to begin formulating an effective alcohol detox plan based on their individual needs. The severity of withdrawal symptoms a client will experience will vary depending on their health, age and severity of addiction. The medical staff will adjust a client’s treatment plan based on their needs and progress throughout their time at a Florida alcohol detox program.

There are many wonderful Florida alcohol detox programs with comfortable, clean facilities for inpatient care. Some Florida alcohol detox programs are located in wellness centers, while others may be located at a rehab facility. Depending on your needs or the needs of a loved one, there are hundreds of Florida alcohol detox programs to choose from providing excellent, supportive care.

Although alcohol detox will never be a fun process to go through, choosing the right Florida program can minimize withdrawal symptoms and ensure your safety. At FHE Health we provide a medically monitored program right on our campus located in beautiful Southern Florida. Our treatment plans are tailored to fit the individual needs of every client ensuring the most comprehensive care possible. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, please call us now at (844) 299-0618 for more information on our wonderful programs in Florida.

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