Florida has become the best place in the country to attend an addiction treatment center. Everyday more and more people are choosing Florida for addiction treatment. Florida addiction treatment centers have helped countless individuals get the help they need. Florida addiction treatment gives clients access to excellent addiction specialists, therapists, physicians and facilities. The experience, beautiful landscape, warm climate and growing recovery community make Florida the place to go for addiction treatment.

There are hundreds of addiction treatment centers in Southern Florida alone. Clients can find addiction treatment centers in Florida that provide dual diagnosis, gender specific treatment, holistic approaches to recovery, 12-step based programs, and many other wonderful programs all designed to help individuals in need of addiction treatment. More and more physicians and therapists are dedicating their careers to addiction treatment in Florida. With so many addiction treatment centers in Florida, the wealth of knowledge and cutting edge information makes Florida an excellent place to seek addiction treatment.

For many individuals, escaping to sunny Florida for addiction treatment provides multiple benefits. Going to an addiction treatment center in Florida gives clients a chance to escape their old environment and get away from old acquaintances and situations that may be contributing to their substance abuse. Making a big life change is hard for anyone, but for addicts, stress at home and old routines can be extremely harmful to their sobriety. Getting away from home gives clients the space and time they need to reflect on their life and the changes they need to make. The beautiful scenery and sunny weather provides a wonderful atmosphere for clients to focus entirely on their recovery without the distractions they may face at home.

Florida has become known for its growing recovery community. Clients who attend addiction treatment in Florida find themselves surrounded by thousands of individuals who are facing the same struggle they are. Clients in addiction treatment in Florida have many more opportunities to build support networks of other recovering addicts and physicians alike that they can count on during and after addiction treatment in Florida. In addition to addiction treatment centers, Florida is home to hundreds of sober living communities. For those clients who feel they need a little extra help transitioning from addiction treatment to independent life, sober living communities in Florida can provide that support.

The Florida House Experience provides excellent addiction treatment on a beautiful, safe campus located less than a mile from the beautiful coastline of Southern Florida. We provide exceptional addiction treatment including specialized programs such as dual diagnosis, gender specific treatment, a professionals program, holistic options and more. If you or a loved one is thinking about attending an addiction treatment center in Florida, please call us now at 866-421-6242. Our admissions staff is available 24 hours a day to discuss Florida addiction treatment and answer any questions you may have. Getting addiction treatment in Florida can save your life, of the life of a loved one. Please call us or visit our website today for more information on Florida addiction treatment.

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