Five Ways to Recover from Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is not easy to beat. Determination is needed every day to stay on the recovery path. However, there are ways to recover from drug addiction even beyond the drug rehab programs. Drug rehab and the therapy sessions that one attends, go a long way in boosting the recovery process.It is always advised that even when one goes through the detox process and rehab, that they do not ignore the advice they have received while going through the process. Joining support groups is one of the things that help to establish a network of people who understand their problem and who have experience in dealing with emotions and crises that may trigger a relapse into drug use.

The following ways will help you to recover from drug addiction and keep you on the right path.

Keep Busy

An idle mind is truly the devils workshop. Whether it’s work or exercise, keeping busy is important for one to stay clean. If one is busy the whole day and tired enough to go straight to sleep as soon as they hit the pillow, that will help one remain sober. Exercise helps the body to get rid of some of harmful toxins and helps reduce stress levels and anxiety.

Watch Documentaries

You could watch movies or documentaries that discourage drug use, and they can serve as a form of entertainment that helps you to keep busy. Trainspotting (1996), A Scanner Darkly (2006), Drugstore Cowboy (1989) and Requiem for a Dream (2000) are several movies that you might look into watching.

Become a Churchgoer

No matter the spiritual channel you choose, spirituality has helped many kick addiction. What religion does is enrich your social values and ethics. The fellowship with believers as yourself will definitely go a long way in keeping you motivated to live a better life. Connecting with a higher being is a motivator in itself and will help in reducing anxiety levels, as well as giving you new drive to have a value driven life.

Exercise and Proper Diet

When incorporated while one is recovering from addiction, proper diet and exercise work together and become a crucial recovery component. Exercise stimulates endorphin release, which are neurochemicals that stabilize ones mood. This helps to elevate positive/feel good feelings and reduce depression. The need to get high is therefore negated. Aerobics, swimming, running, walking and other such activities help to keep your mind off drugs.


Yoga, eastern meditative customs are ways that many people have used to deal with anxiety and negative emotions that easily lead to a relapse. Relaxation and focus is boosted. Cravings are kept in check when this is done.

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