Five Things to Consider When Choosing Rehab

The process of recovery from a drug or alcohol addiction usually begins when an addict comes to terms with the fact that he or she has a problem.  After that realization is made, the addict in question or the family of the addict has some decisions to make. The first of these decisions should be choosing rehab or a detox program that will adequately meeting the needs of the addict and provide all of the options that are important to the addict and his or her support system.  When choosing rehab or a detox program for yourself or for a loved one, there are quite a few options to consider.

Residential or Outpatient

Both residential and outpatient programs have their merits.  Residential programs provide 24-hour in-house support and medical treatment.  Most inpatient treatment programs expect participants to live in the facility and participate in treatment all the time.  Outpatient programs allow participants to live in their own homes and come to the facility for treatment.  Outpatient treatment is the more flexible option especially for participants who have home, family, school, or work obligations.  They provide much of the same treatments provided at residential facilities, but allow some flexibility.

Length of Care

Depending upon the severity of the addiction and any co-occurring illnesses that might be associated, you may have the option to choose a program that is longer or shorter.  Many programs are designed to be about a month while others are designed to keep participants involved for six months or more.  Longer terms in treatment tend to be associated with better rates of recovery, though it may be more convenient and more cost effective for programs to be a bit on the shorter side.  This does not include the potential time spent in aftercare or sober living.

Aftercare and Sober Living Options

Studies have shown that drug and alcohol treatment participants keep up their sobriety for longer when they have the option to participate in aftercare or sober living communities.  Finding a program that has options for both or either can be a big help in keeping you or your loved one on the right path after formal treatment is completed.  Aftercare options can include:

  • continued therapy
  • 12-step groups
  • general upkeep of a participant’s goals
  • individual and group counseling

Sober living can include a participate involving him or herself in a group that focuses on events and situations that can be enjoyed without the aid of drugs and alcohol.  Sober living groups do all kinds of things from watching movies to playing sports to going on trips.  All members must be committed to remaining clean and sober during these events.  There are also sober living homes where program participants can live in a clean and sober environment where they work on integrating themselves back into society.

Consider the Amenities When Choosing Rehab

Because drug and alcohol rehab programs tend to be largely voluntary, many programs try to create the best environment they can for their participants.  This goes for both residential and outpatient programs.  Some programs offer a host of extra services of which participants can make use.  Recovery is a difficult business.  The idea is that some perks may make the recovery treatment seem a little bit easier.  Some of these perks include optional classes in yoga, Pilates, or relaxation.  Some facilities may offer art classes, music therapy, nutritional training, and life skills classes.  Other facilities might be in locations that are considered desirable with outdoor options like pools and hot tubs.  All of these amenities can make recovery seem more like a vacation or an escape from life, but they are really meant to make the recovery process a little easier and give the participants more than just one reason to complete the program.

Therapeutic Options

Most treatment programs are going to offer a variety of different kinds of counseling.  Most counselors have a specific approach that they like to use and adapt that approach toward the client they have in front of them.  But there may be some extra options that are important to you as treatment moves forward.  If it is important to you that, at some point, the whole family becomes involved in the treatment, you will want to find a program that offers family therapy in addition to traditional therapies.  If you know that you or your loved one will need some kind of medication, choose a program that allows for that option.  Different places will have different kinds of options available to you.  All you need to do is ask for them.

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