Five Signs You Should Probably Go to Rehab


You may or may not be wondering what we mean when people say  “you better get your act together.” What they mean is your life. These  are 5 telltale signs that you are partying a little too hard and that it may be time to get some help. Getting your act together can be easier said than done, but it can be done, even if it seems harder to do than it is to say. So if you fit any of these signs, think long and hard about where you are in life, and maybe reach out for some help. And that help may be rehab.

1. You have said to yourself more than 5 times, “I am never drinking or using drugs again…”

This phrase gets less and less truthful the more you say it. And you have probably heard multiple of your friends say it as well. The difference is that your friends have actually managed to stop drinking and using drugs. You, on the other hand, will say that the same day that you end up blacked out at the bar. If this is you, it is time to get some help and probably go to rehab.

2. You go out more than you stay in and if you stay in you are getting high

If going out is the highlight of your life. Or actually if going out and getting drunk is the highlight of your life and you live for those nights, it may be time to get some help. If you tend to stay home sometimes but it is because you want to be able to get high in peace then it may be time to get some help. Don’t fool yourself. You know if you get a little too much out of getting drunk and high. And if you are honest with yourself you probably will need rehab.

3. You have experienced a “friendtervention”

If your lifelong friends have tried to talk to you about your drinking behavior chances are it is getting a little out of hand. Friends don’t have an intervention on you for no reason, it is because they are genuinely concerned. Your friends have your best interests at heart and you need to have those interests too. If they suggest getting sober you might want to listen. If they suggest rehab you may also want to listen. Because they care, they really do.

4. You blackout every time you drink

This is alcoholism 101 here folks. If you blackout a lot chances are you need to SERIOUSLY get your shit together. Chances are you need some real help too. Blackouts are no joke. Bad things can happen in blackouts. The average person has one blackout in their lifetime and never has it happen again because they realize how terrifyingly dangerous it can be. So if you are blacking out every time you drink then it is time to probably, not just get help, but professional help through a detox or rehab.

5. You substitute alcohol for food

This is so alcoholic. If you are substituting alcohol for food it probably is because you can’t afford both. If that isn’t why you are doing it, whatever reason you are doing it, isn’t a good one. This is a clear indicator that something more serious is going on and you need some help. An eating disorder could also be the culprit in this situation. Either way it may be time to go to rehab.


If any of these signs sound like you or someone you know it may be time to have a heart to heart either with yourself or a loved one about getting some help for drinking and/or drug use. There are many options available to combat drinking behavior that can completely turn your life around and help you avoid a dangerous outcome.

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