Finding the right treatment for addiction can be the key to recovery. No single addiction treatment is effective for all individuals. There may need to be several steps and even changes made to find the path to addiction recovery.
Principles of Effective Addiction Treatment
• Treatment should be readily available. The easier it is to get help then the more likely an addict will follow through with recovery.
• Multiple treatments may be necessary. Most individuals will go through several different episodes of treatment to overcome addictions and maintain recovery.
• The addiction is not the only problem. Effective treatment will look into all of the needs of the individual – including physical, mental, social and environmental.
• Accountability can be a primary force for effective treatment. Getting involved in group and individual counseling can help push the recovery process forward.
Recovery is a process and will happen over a period of time. It may take consistent monitoring and a change in treatment approach to find the right path for each individual looking to overcome addictions.

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