With detox centers popping up all over America, how do you know you’ve come to the right place? It can be an intimidating journey, fraught with stress and judgement. It can be hard to reach out, or reach out for someone that you love.

detox center

The Florida House Experience takes some of that stress and fear out of this process. They have a unique outpatient detox center program for opiates and alcohol treatments. They offer a kind, understanding environment geared towards the successful rehabilitation and long term sobriety of their clients.

Rest assured that your information will remain secure and private with this outpatient program! They have over 10 years of experience in helping clients to detox center safely and quickly with as little interruption to daily life as possible.

They offer a great suboxone treatment available for low cost. Suboxone ([beprenorphine] suboxone and Naltrexone [ReVinVivitrol]) helps an addict overcome their addiction by preventing them from experiencing a high after consuming opiates. This means that addicts will be deterred from using the drugs because it’s effects have been inhibited. It also mitigates the suffering of withdrawal, making it easier to stop using opiates. (Some of the symptoms of oppiate withdrawals is fatigue, insomnia, hot flashes, pain nausea, night sweats, loss of appetite, and muscles spasms.) This detox treatment helps to make the withdrawal symptoms easier to manage, giving the client a better chance at long term sobriety.

After detox there is still often a need for further psychotherapeutic care.They provide a friendly one-to-one or group counseling/therapy sessions in an Intensive Outpatient Program, which provides a high level of care combined with low cost and the ability to continue to work part time or even full time while attending.

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