Fentanyl Drives Spike In Pennsylvania Overdose Deaths


Overdose deaths in PA increasing at twice the national average

A new report from Kaiser Permanente highlights the impact that fentanyl is having on the national opioid crisis, as states like Pennsylvania are experiencing a horrific increase in the number of overdose deaths. This increase is especially vexing in light of the fact that many states have shown little to no increase.

As reported by Penn Live, the Kaiser analysis offered no definitive explanation for the massive increases in some states compared to the smaller increases or declines in many others. However, it cited experts who said said fentanyl is clearly a factor, and noted that some states, including eastern states, have been “saturated” with fentanyl, while this hasn’t happened in western states and California. It offered no explanation for the difference, and noted that fentanyl could well spread to other markets.

What makes the widespread distribution of fentanyl especially deadly is that people buying heroin cut with fentanyl often don’t know it’s there.

And even if they do, they still can’t know the actual strength of what they’re injecting into their bodies.

Perhaps worse, police and other experts on the drug overdose crisis say people who are addicted often flock to dealers known for selling fentanyl-laced heroin, hoping for a better high.

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