Fentanyl Dealing Family Busted In Maine

Fentanyl Dealing Family

Family Busted for Dealing Fentanyl In Central Maine

Police in Central Maine have arrested five members of the same family for dealing fentanyl in the Boothbay and Rockland area. They routinely purchased the drugs in Massachusetts.

As reported by CentralMaine.com, five members of a midcoast family who allegedly imported and sold fentanyl throughout Knox County have been arrested and charged with drug trafficking.

The Maine Drug Enforcement Agency said in a statement Tuesday that the suspects lived in Warren and Friendship.

Steven Libby, 49, and Michelle Libby, 47, both of Depot Street in Warren, were charged with aggravated trafficking. Their bail was set at $2,500 and $1,500 cash, respectively.

Agents seized 20 grams of fentanyl, a handgun, $1,800 of suspected drug proceeds and other evidence of drug trafficking, they said.

During the investigation, officers from the MDEA learned that the family was traveling several times a week to New Bedford, Massachusetts, where they purchased fentanyl, according to the agency. The drug, a powerful synthetic opioid, was then sold in Knox and Lincoln counties.

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To read more about how one family in central Maine was busted for dealing fentanyl, please visit CentralMaine.com.

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