In Orlando, This Fentanyl Candy Can Kill

Fentanyl Candy

In Orlando Area, Fentanyl Candy Is Not A Sweet Treat

Police in Sanford Florida pulled a man over when they smelled marijuana. They also found him in possession of a bag of colored candy-looking pills. They sent the pills for testing, and the results were anything but sweet. It turns out these colorful looking pills were actually laced with fentanyl, a synthetic opioid that is leading to thousands of deaths across the nation.

“It is something that we have seen a lot more of,” said Ronny Neal, Public Information Officer with Sanford Police Department.

“What makes it look so dangerous is it looks like candy and that’s one of the reasons why within this specific arrest that there was a presumptive test that was done in order to indicate what it was,” said Neal.

This type of “candy packaging” highlights the growing sophistication of illegal drug manufactures who are bringing a steady stream of synthetic opioids into America with devastating results.

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