Facing Addiction in Parents

Recognizing the symptoms and signs of addiction in a parent can be a scary moment for a child – no matter what age it occurs. The parents are supposed to be the glue or foundation or the family. Discovering a crack in the armor can make the child feel almost like they are betraying the parent.
Steps to Dealing with Addiction in a Parent
1. Find support – there are a number of different groups that meet to offer support to family members of addict. Sometimes just knowing you are not alone in what you are facing can make it easier to keep going.
2. Protect yourself – make sure you get away from the addictive behavior.
3. Let go of responsibility – the addiction is not your fault and your choices could not have changed the outcome.
4. Accept your limits – you are only in a position to change your own actions and behaviors. You can give support and encouragement to someone facing down addiction, but the change has to rest on the shoulders of that individual.
Seeing a parent struggle can be tough for any child. It takes support and recognition of limitations to be able to face addiction in a parent.

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