Welcome to the Florida House Wellness Center! We’d like to take some time today to talk about the programs and services that we offer. There is something for everyone, and every schedule. Come check us out today at Florida House .

We offer a unique alternative to the traditional 28-day treatment model that has proved unsuccessful in other rehabilitation centers.  We believe that addiction is a disease and it requires stable long term rehabilitation, involving the various components of the disease (the physical and the mental) with special emphases on the family system.

Our programs include drug and alcohol detox and rehabilitation (or medical detoxification); we offer resident rehabilitation, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient services, dual diagnosis, a sober living community, various alumni and aftercare programs as well.

In our drug and alcohol detox and rehab programs, Florida House offers comprehensive addiction treatment and long term rehabilitation services for those seeking treatment as well as dual diagnosis. Our programs are centered on a long term approach, reflecting our beliefs that recover consists of many phazes (safe and medically monitored detox, the gradual transition to lower levels of rehab care and finally, sober living). Our goal is to always offer the best care for an affordable price. Our track record has been provent time and time again, helping people just like you every day.

Partial hospitalization is the second phase of the additction treatment program. We provide the recovering client with intense daytime treatment and on-going therapeutic interventions, with supports from medical proffessionals as well as a sober living community to return to in the evening.

The intensive outpatient treatment programs are phase three, and are designed to prepare recovering individuals for the healthy transition into the community once more. The goal is for you to be able to manage day-to-day challenges without drugs or alcohol return to the community and to apply the learned recovery skills to your real life settings.

Give us a call today to find out more 866.421.6242 or visit us at Florida House. There is a caring counselor waiting to talk to you and help get you on the road to recovery now !

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