Eric Bolling’s Son Overdosed on Fentanyl

Eric Bolling

Talented student showed no signs of trouble

It’s a story that’s been repeated countless times across the nation, in an all too painful pattern of tragedy. Eric Bolling’s son was studying at University of Colorado and seemed to be doing well. Then, things went terribly wrong.

As reported by, the Boulder County Coroner in Colorado ruled the 19-year-old’s death an accidental overdose. The post-mortem toxicology report, completed on Sept. 11 revealed Eric Chase had cocaine, marijuana, alprazolam (commonly known as Xanax), and the opioid drugs, fentanyl and cyclopropyl fentanyl, in his system.

“I didn’t see any signs. I knew he was going to the University of Colorado, marijuana is legal in Colorado, not at his age but it’s still legal and very accessible,” Bolling, 54, told Law & Crime Network’s Totally B.S. host Bill Stanton on Friday, sharing that he was last in Colorado with his son, who was studying economics, in June for Father’s Day.

“We had a thousand talks about the dangers of hard drugs. A thousand talks. And he’d always say, ‘Dad, I got this. Dad, I got this.’ ”

Adding, “The last week or so, maybe the last two weeks, his behavior changed pretty dramatically. He was in Colorado, he stayed for the summer, he was supposed to be going to summer school. He dropped out, didn’t tell me. And it was over the span of two weeks, he hooked up with some, you know – the wrong people, who were pushing the wrong stuff on him and it changed his life very quickly.”

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