Emotional Reactions of the Addict

People dealing with addiction go through a range of emotions and reactions. Knowing what to look for can help you deal with the issues of addiction before they get too far out of control to be managed.
Watching for Attitudes Associated with Addiction
• The addict will look for ways to blame others for the things that happen in their life.
• Ignoring the problem or denying there is an issue will be another way that addiction will reveal itself.
• When all else fails, a person suffering from addiction will try to deflect attention away from their problem by pointing to the issues in your life or the lives of others close to you.
• As the addiction continues to grow, the interest in the well-being of others will fade – it will become all about the needs, wants and desires of the addict.
The signs of addiction can come in waves or all at once. The key that you need to be looking for is that the addictive behavior becomes more important than anything else around.

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