Effective Drug Addiction Treatment Centers

One thing many people struggling with addiction find themselves asking is how to find an effective drug addiction treatment center. With so many drug addiction treatment centers around, people want to know how to find the one that will work for them or their loved one. When dealing with addiction and recovery, different things will work for different people and not everyone will respond to the same types of drug addiction treatment. In order to find an effective drug addiction treatment center for you or your loved one, understanding your needs and options is important.There are many types of drug addiction treatment centers with different levels of care available for their clients. Some drug addiction treatment centers provide outpatient or inpatient care only. While these centers may work well for some individuals, picking a drug addiction treatment center that provides multiple levels of care for their clients can be more effective. In these programs, clients are able to slowly graduate to lower levels of care, while still enrolled in the program. Some may also provide detox for their clients that need it before beginning the program. 

Drug addiction treatment centers can also provide a variety of treatment methods in addition to levels of care. Providing a variety of treatment methods for clients allows them room to explore what works for them and what they would like to continue with after leaving the drug addiction treatment center. For example, a good program will include any combination of therapies, including individual, group, and recreational and specialty group sessions. There are also programs that include psychiatric services, 12-step meetings, health and wellness workshops, fitness, and more.  Providing all of these services gives clients a chance to deal with their addiction and the affects of their addiction on all levels.

Many individuals find the idea of going to a drug addiction treatment center intimidating. Leaving home for a long period of time is difficult and many people initially look for shorter programs such as a 28-day program. Although shorter programs have been popular in the past, studies have shown longer programs lasting 60-90 days to be more effective. There are also long-term drug addiction treatment centers that can last up to two years, allowing the client to progress at their own rate. Sober living is a great option for those clients who feel they need a bit more structure while adjusting back into independent living. Effective drug addiction treatment centers should include some form of aftercare; ensuring clients have treatment lined up after they leave the facility. Whether it’s sober living, 12-step meetings or counseling, having treatment lined up after leaving a drug addiction treatment center is an important step towards long-term recovery.

FHE Health is a comprehensive, long-term drug addiction treatment center. We provide a continuum of care spanning all levels from detox to aftercare. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, please call us now at (866) 421- 6242 for more information on our drug addiction treatment center.

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