Dual diagnosis treatment is specialized care for addicts who are also suffering from a co-occurring mental disorder or disorders. Dual diagnosis treatment identifies any mental illness that a client has and that may linked with their substance abuse in order for the individual to receive comprehensive addiction treatment. While in dual diagnosis treatment program, the client will receive treatment for their drug or alcohol substance abuse, as well as their mental illness or disorder. For clients suffering with a mental illness, dual diagnosis treatment is extremely important.

Dual diagnosis treatment can help prevent relapse for clients suffering from a co-occurring disorder. Many individuals with co-occurring disorders will use alcohol and or drugs to self-medicate. If there is no dual diagnosis and the co-occurring disorder is left untreated, the patient will be more susceptible to relapse after completing rehab. Proper dual diagnosis identifying co-occurring disorders a client has is fundamental for comprehensive addiction treatment and quality care.

Co-occurring disorders include anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, personality disorders and more. Often times when a person has a co-occurring disorder, they will exhibit symptoms such as aggression, anger, isolation, lying, stealing, mood swings, poor hygiene and others. These symptoms, although frequently associated with addiction alone, can also be indicative of a co-occurring disorder. Many times when a person is exhibiting these symptoms they will blamed solely on the drug or alcohol addiction and the mental illness is masked. Going to a rehab program without dual diagnosis treatment will leave their mental illness untreated and unfortunately make them much more susceptible to relapse than if they had attended a dual diagnosis treatment program.  Although treating a client with a dual diagnosis can be more complicated, it does not mean they are less likely to recover. It simply means they must willing to accept help for all aspects of their recovery, including treatment for their co-occurring disorder and be willing to address all aspects of their dual diagnosis.

Dual diagnosis treatment can make the difference for many individuals battling addiction. At the Florida House Experience, we provide comprehensive addiction treatment services for dual diagnosis clients. During treatment at the Florida House Experience, our team of medical professionals will address any co-occurring disorder a client may be experiencing using psychological assessments, individualized therapy and educational tools. If a dual diagnosis is given, the client will receive a dual diagnosis recovery plan specifically tailored to that individual to ensure the best care possible and best chance for success in recovery.

The Florida House Experience’s licensed clinical and medical professionals know the importance of addressing both the psychiatric issues and the disease of addiction to alcohol or drugs for dual diagnosis patients. Our addiction specialists are trained and qualified in diverse treatment modalities for dual diagnosis. We address both the body and mind in our comprehensive addiction treatment, including therapeutic treatment. Our admissions staff is available to answer any questions you may have about dual diagnosis treatment and its benefits. Please call us now 800-867-5309 or email us for more information dual diagnosis treatment.

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