Drug Detox in Florida: Is It Safe?

For many individuals battling addiction, the thought of drug detox in Florida is frightening. They worry about if it will be safe, what they will go through, if withdrawal will be too painful and more. Luckily, choosing a medically monitored drug detox in Florida ensures safety and medical supervision for all clients. Medical drug detox in Florida is a different, in that clients are monitored by medical professionals 24-hours a day. The staff monitors clients to keep them safe and support them throughout the entire process. Clients are continuously evaluated and are able to receive medical attention immediately at any time, day or night. Going to a medical drug detox in Florida is the safest way to go through and complete the process without letting withdrawal get in the way of your success.

When an individual goes through withdrawal on their own, they can experience severe symptoms that can lead to dangerous complications. Choosing a medical drug detox in Florida is different. During medical drug detox in Florida, clients do not go “cold-turkey”. Clients are given medication while they go through the detoxification process, keeping them far more comfortable than if done without medical assistance.  The medication given will provide similar effects to that of the drugs the client was using, easing them through withdrawal slowly and keeping them stable. Medical professionals will control the dosage, slowly tapering the amount until the client is taking as little as possible. Clients may also be given medication to help manage their anxiety. The medications used during drug detox in Florida keep clients stable during the detoxification process, helping to avoid the shock and stress their body would feel if they stopped “cold-turkey”.

Drug detox in Florida is safe and is cornerstone of recovery for thousands of individuals every year.  If you or your loved one is in need of drug detox, be sure to look for a drug detox in Florida that provides tailored plans based on clients needs. Every client will have a slightly different experience in drug detox in Florida. Their age, drug of choice, length and severity of addiction, medical history and existence of any co-existing disorders will all have an effect on their drug detox experience. Choosing a drug detox in Florida that builds treatment plans around their clients’ individual situations and needs is important. Some clients will progress faster than others and some will have a more difficult time than others but choosing a medically monitored program in Florida with tailored treatment plans will keep clients safe and help them to be more successful in recovery.

At FHE Health we provide medically monitored detox for our clients on our beautiful campus located in Southern Florida. Our experienced staff provides every client with an individualized treatment plan to ensure we provide the best care possible. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, please call us now at (844) 299-0618 or email us for more information on our wonderful programs in Florida.

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