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The state of Florida has seen drug statistics that are depressing to say the least. However, drug detox Florida centers are working to battle these depressing state statistics and have ended up saving countless lives. Drug detox Florida centers are succeeding even in the face of adversity.

Prescription Drugs and Their Abuse

Abuse of prescription drugs kills more folks than illegal drugs on the street combined. Drug-related crimes have also been on the rise, but for addicts the message is positive, drug detox Florida centers can help you get your life back on track. You just need to start treatment now!

For the Tampa Bay area, the death rate resulting from prescription drugs abuse is:

  • 3 times the rate of death from cocaine, heroin and other street drugs
  • 70% higher than any other region in Florida
  • Much higher than most urban regions in the country 

Florida ranks around the 35th when it comes to funding for drug treatment. Many injuries, addiction and deaths have resulted from the abuse of prescription drugs and the social effects are numerous. However, even with the tsunami of bad news, drug detox Florida centers are working and saving lives each year.

The rise in prescription drug addictions, dependencies and related crime also encompasses prescription fraud, pharmacy robberies and doctor shopping at higher rates than ever.

Drug treatment centers are dealing with the illegal street drug problems, as well as prescription drug abuse issues and with the number of people checking into facilities seeking help, it has become imperative to get expert help, more counselors, and get clinicians and doctors who are committed to the goals of addicts to remain clean and sober.

The drug detox Florida centers continue to treat those who seek treatment from them and have done so successfully. The skill with which the staff at these hospitals deals with the various kinds of addiction, has had to improve as new prescription drugs rise in number. Saving lives is a daily routine in the drug detox Florida centers and they are saved from being death statistics.

So what should you do? Do not delay that life-changing decision to seek treatment that will help you to get sober and clean. There is a drug detox Florida center that is near you and probably just a click away and that will help you to get your life back on track. That is there commitment to you.

Call the Florida House Detox to ensure that you do not end up being another drug death statistic.

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