Even Drug Counselors Are At Risk As 2 OD in PA

Even Drug Counselors Are At Risk As 2 OD in PA

Highlighting the destructive power of the current opioid epidemic – even drug counselors themselves are not immune.

West Brandywine, PA District Attorney Tom Hogan said he knew something was out of the ordinary when he received a call about about a drug overdose on a Sunday.

“I said ‘that’s sad, but it’s not that unusual. Why are you calling me?’ And they said ‘because it’s the two counselors at the halfway house who overdosed and died,'” he said.

Toxicology tests for both counselors were positive for heroin and fentanyl. Authorities have recently warned of fentanyl, a substance much more potent – and lethal – than heroin.

“Anybody who sees baggies in the area with the Superman or ‘danger’ logo must be warned to stay away from these drugs. They appear to be heroin laced with fentanyl and are likely to kill anyone who uses them,” said Hogan.

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