Drug and Alcohol Addiction Through Family Generations

Addiction to drugs and alcohol is often the symptom of deep emotional wounds. Sometimes those wounds are the result of great trauma, like the loss of a parent, some of these wounds form as a result of abuse, natural disaster, and other tragedies. And often those wounds are the result of generations of family members seeped in the same kinds of abuse and addiction cycles as the generation before them. If you’re trying to escape this kind of family cycle here are some ways to break the family mold.


  1. Get help! If you have experienced trauma due to abuse, loss, abandonment, etc, seek out therapy. Meeting with a therapist to talk through both your everyday life and your whole life story can help you cope with the pain and dysfunction of generations of abuse and addiction in healthy ways. It takes hard work and patience, but therapy can make a huge difference when you are healing.
  2. You have to take care of yourself first! Sometimes if there is a culture of alcohol and drug abuse in your family you may get pressure to walk away from sobriety. Maybe your family thinks you’re being condescending, just by getting clean. Just remember that you have to get healthy first, before you can be a source of help to them in their journey.
  3. We know that family dynamics and a parent’s habits can heavily influence a child’s vulnerability to addiction, and can sometimes result in the kinds of emotional wounds that reproduce the same kind of addiction problems generation after generation. Addiction can become a part of an unhealthy family cycle. But there’s hope, things can change. You don’t have to stay on the same destructive path of alcohol abuse or drug abuse that your parents or grandparents went down. If you already struggle with addiction call a medically supervised alcohol detox treatment facility where you can get help taking the next steps toward a healthy life of sober living.

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