Dr. Oz Visits Philadelphia Street Corner: “I Just Walked Into Hell”

This week, Dr. Oz visited the city of “Brotherly Love”, but it wasn’t for the love of the Phillies! He decided to visit the infamous Gurney corridor, in an attempt to understand the driving forces of addiction.

When surveying one of the worst-hit neighborhoods in the country, the Cardiothoracic surgeon and television personality felt like “I just walked into hell,” in a shocking statement about the neighborhood littered with piles of discarded syringes.

Dr. Oz’s also talked to Steve Johnson, 49, who came to the tracks to score his morning fix. Johnson said he once made a good living as a contractor in South Jersey, where he built commercial buildings and fancy homes.

“I thought I was rich and powerful,” Johnson said. Five years ago, he said, his girlfriend shared a needle with him. One hit and he was hooked. He lost his family, his house, and his business. Today, he panhandles to pay for his habit.

Johnson is just one of an estimated 150 people using heroin live in this neighborhood, and many others live in similar conditions across the country.

Opiate addiction to heroin or painkillers doesn’t have to be a death sentence.

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