Don’t Let the House Win!

Let’s take a second and look at two common expressions which explain with great accuracy the condition and problematic goal of gambling.

“The Deck is Stacked”

The entire paradigm of gambling is a racket designed to create an addiction. As with any addictive substance, of course there are some people who escape an addiction to it, but make no mistake: the whole point of gambling is to get you coming back for more.

Whether it’s cards, slots, or the stock market, gambling has a thrill to it. Gambling brings with it both a risk and an occasional reward. This triggers a dopamine hit in the brain that’s as real as any drug we can buy on the street.

“The House Always Wins”

Think about a casino in your mind’s eye. Look around it and what do you see? A bunch of people, often elderly, sitting at slot machines and card tables. Who are these people and how’d they get there? A large percentage of these gamblers were bused in with a free shuttle service, many of them because they couldn’t afford gas for their cars. That seems less convenient when you think of it in terms of it as a drug being peddled.

Often, attractive people in skimpy clothes will be walking around the casino providing complimentary alcoholic drinks. This is a very overt attempt to get you drunk and risk more than you might while sober.

Occasionally there will be a really loud bell and cheering. Coins fall out of a machine. This gets the endorphins flowing and encourages further risky behavior. The amount of people who win and the amount won are carefully calculated by the casino. People will think they can win and so they bet more, giving the house more.

When it Goes Wrong

Gambling is designed to make people addicted to it so they do it more. If you find yourself caught in the net, please seek help. In South Florida, you can find our gambling addiction treatment center where we’re ready and willing to help you out. Bet on your own future, call us now at (844) 299-0618.


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