San Diego Doctor Overdoses on Fentanyl

Doctor Overdose

Doctor With History of Addiction ODs in Hospital Bathroom

As the opioid crisis continues, it cuts across all professions – and even doctors are not immune.

According to the Medical Board of California, Bradley Glenn Hay, M.D., who allegedly has a long history of alcohol and drug abuse, and was found passed out on the floor after injecting himself with Sufentanil, a controlled substance, after completing an operation in which he was the anesthesiologist.

Records show Dr. Hay has had a long struggle with addiction. Apparently back in 2008, Hay was confronted by UCSD colleagues who observed him impaired on duty. He was sent to the university’s Well Being Committee, which referred him to the Betty Ford addiction treatment center. At Ford, he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Almost 10 years later, Hay’s struggles continued. This latest incident will likely cost him his medical license.

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To read more about how a doctor overdosed on fentanyl at a hospital in San Diego, visit the San Diego Reader.

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