Discover the Difference between Drug Treatment and Detox

Discovering the difference between treatment and detox can help you build a solid foundation for your recovery. The staff at FHE Health walks you through the components of recovery so that you are prepared to take the steps you need to make recovery a new way of life.

Top Differences between Treatment and Detox

Detox – this is the process of detoxifying your body of the chemicals that have altered its normal reactions and actions. It is the step that helps you physically begin the process of recovery. It will usually be a limited amount of time and overseen by a medical staff.

Treatment – this takes you beyond the chemical reaction and into the heart of addiction. The treatment process can last days, weeks or even years – depending on the individual and the issues that combined to create the addiction. Treatment can take on forms of therapy, rehab, counseling, and much more.

Recovery is a journey that will take some commitment. Discovering the difference between treatment and detox can give you some insight as to where the journey will take you.

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