Each individual will take to recovery at a different pace and it may be difficult to determine if 28 days in a drug rehabilitation center is enough to establish the foundation necessary for complete recovery. The trained staff at The Florida House can work with you to develop the right plan for your needs and your situation.

Ways to Determine if 28 Days in a Drug Rehabilitation Center is Enough

Detox time. Getting the chemicals out of the body can take some time and a toll on the body. Physical healing just from this will eat into the 28 days. Work with your advisor or counselor to see if there will be enough time to overcome the chemical addiction and work through to recovery.

– Underlying issues. There is more to addiction than the use of a drug. Dealing with those issues that pushed the addiction in the first place will take time and effort.

– Preparing for life. Moving back into a normal life will require changes. Putting together a successful life plan will take working with family, friends and recovery specialists.

Recovery is an individual process. You will have to work with your advisors to determine if 28 days in a drug rehabilitation center is enough.

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