Demi Lovato’s Journey Through and Back Into Drug Addiction

Demi Lovato has made her struggle with addiction a matter of public knowledge. She even made a Youtube documentary about the subject called, Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated where she lets her fans in to her personal world of struggling for years with drug and alcohol addiction.


Teen Drug and Alcohol Experimentation

Lovato began using drugs and alcohol when she was seventeen years old. The Disney star was peer pressured into trying marijuana at a party. That same year she would try alcohol and cocaine as well. By the age of 18, Lovato was already, for the first time, in rehab.

After struggling with addiction and getting sober, she spent years as an advocate of recovery and rehabilitation, and urging others that there is hope. She was an inspiration to fans. Until in 2018 she released a single called, Sober where she appears to admit to her fans and loved ones that she is in fact no longer sober.


Her Apologies and Struggle

If you have experienced the struggle with addiction like Lovato does, you can hear the fight in her voice, the part of her that craves the heroin, the part of her that aches to be clean. You can hear the regret and pain in the ache of her voice. As you listen you hear Lovato apologize to her parents, her future and past loves, and even to any fans she’s lost.

Anyone who has been there knows the struggle and pain of losing people to your addiction. Those loses can often complicate addiction further as, like Lovato says, addiction is most present during loneliness. This is why it’s so important to battle addiction with a strong support network. The upending of your life never hurts as much as when it affects your relationships. At the end of the song Lovato takes the next step toward recovery. She says “I’ll get help.”


Relapse Into Overdose

In July 2018, Demi Lovato overdosed in her Hollywood home. She was rushed to the local hospital and is reportedly in stable condition.

Fans and friends were shocked by the news and sent messages of love and hope to the star through social media. The world poured out support for Lovato who has been so very open and supportive of others in the same journey. Hopefully Demi can feel comfort in her own message. Like she would say, it is possible to recover. There is hope.

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