Debunking Common Compulsive Gambling Addiction Myths

Anyone who spent much time in casinos has seen some bizarre rituals and heard some wild theories. Some people knock on the sides of the craps tables, or stroke the screen of the video poker terminal, or refuse to have their winnings paid in fifty dollar bills. When it comes to people who suffer from compulsive gambling, there are a few common myths or beliefs that appear over and over again.

Let’s debunk some gambling myths here:

If I keep playing, I’m bound to win my money back!

If that were true, all casinos would be out of business (as would gambling addiction treatment services). You can expect to win back about 95% of money on average depending on what you play. On a long enough timeline, your play patterns will settle on an expected percentage of return and that number is always less than 100% no matter how long you keep playing. To say it simply, with every play the house steals 5 % of your money out of your pocket.


I almost won! This game is ready to hit!

Sorry, wrong again. Each instance of play is discrete – meaning you have the exact same odds on this play versus the next one and the one after that. There is no ready to hit. There is no ‘hot’ or ‘cold machine. It’s just all static odds.


If I play more than one machine or table at once, I double my chances of winning!

This one is completely true! Unfortunately, it’s also true that you are doubling your chances of losing, so it’s all going to come out in the wash, you’ll just get there faster.

If these reminded you of someone in your life and you think they might need gambling addiction help, reach out to us at (844) 299-0618 for detox and rehab centers in Florida.


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