Cincinnati Drug Dealer Forced to Pay for Funeral


After Selling Deadly Fentanyl, Dealer is Facing Jail Time and Funeral Costs

He was a high volume, high service drug dealer who prided himself on ease of transaction. In the end though, Michael Chandler served up one too many deadly orders.

According to, people lined up in their cars “in broad daylight” to buy drugs from him.

Chandler even recorded a video that shows him “dealing drugs to numerous people parked on a city street,” federal prosecutors said in court documents.

Then, in April 2016 one of his customers died after using the fentanyl Chandler provided him. “In the end, (he) was nothing more than a customer to Chandler,” prosecutors said in a sentencing memorandum.

Documents say that after picking up the drugs from Chandler, the 17-year-old was dropped off at his home, where his body was found.

Last Monday, Chandler was sentenced to more than 16 years in prison. He was also ordered to pay more than $9,000 in restitution to cover the funeral costs of the teen.

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