Daughter of New York Mayor in Rehab

Chiara de Blasio Admits To Drug Addiction

Substance abuse does not discriminate against anyone and that might be the hardest part for people to accept. The stereotype of an addict is that they are all at an educational, financial, health and economical disadvantage and sometimes that is not the case. There are other factors that contribute to why a person will turn to drug use to cope with their emotions. For the most part when the media does a story on politicians and drugs it usually in a negative light and focusing on their use or involvement with drugs. On a positive note, the story of Mayor de Blasio’s daughter’s stay in rehab is resonating positively with the citizens of New York.

Chiara de Blasio Shares Her Addiction Story

Chiara de Blasio is the daughter of New York Major elect, Bill de Blasio, and so has been front-page news since her admittance to rehab. On Christmas morning Bill de Blasio picked up the Daily News (with his daughter on the front page) and headed to see her at rehab. She’s only allowed visitors twice a year, on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Other clients say that she is an inspiration for other young women in need of treatment. In her story she shared her problems dealing with depression and anxiety. She mentions that she had issues with coming to terms with her use because she used to reason with herself between using alcohol and marijuana intermittently. After coming to terms with her addiction a therapist recommended an outpatient treatment facility in which she says she owes her life to. There she learned more about her addiction, anxiety, and depression and how to cope. Due to her treatment she was able to help her father out in his campaign and get back on her feet. Her story shows that with treatment and the support of family – recovery is possible. There are so many young people, especially millennials whom feel overwhelmed in this age of advanced technology and the expectations set by social media to be connected at all times. Then there are issues with self, home, family, trauma, schooling and work that can aggravate one’s likelihood of developing an addiction.

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