Dangers of Smoking Alcohol

Smoking Alcohol: A Deadly Method

smoking alcoholA creative form of getting drunk known as smoking alcohol has emerged. This practice has raised concerns because of the dangers linked to it. There are scary consequences that have been associated with this practice.

How it is Done

One way of smoking alcohol is pouring alcohol over dry ice, followed by direct inhalation or inhaling using a straw. It may also be done by making a DIY kit of vaporization by using bicycle pumps. The alcohol chosen is put into a corked bottle and then the bicycle pump needle is inserted through the cork. The alcohol vaporizes when air is pumped into the bottle. This makes it possible for smoking alcohol.

Prevalence of the Practice

Smoking alcohol is becoming a norm among young people including college students. Adolescents and the youth are at a high risk of engaging in this potentially dangerous way of getting drunk. The practice has also gained popularity among people interested in losing weight. Smoking the alcohol bypasses the stomach and therefore the calories associated with alcohol consumption. Weight issues are been a major issue of concern among adolescents and the youth. Therefore, such people are more likely to engage in smoking alcohol with the sole intention of losing weight so as to gain acceptance among their peers.


One of the key consequences of smoking alcohol is addiction. It just starts with trying it for a day, weeks, and then months. With time, an individual becomes completely addicted to the practice. When addiction occurs, one cannot function normally or carry out normal duties without smoking alcohol. This means that the practice stops being an occasional indulgence, but part of an addict’s life. Addition in itself has consequences in terms of social, family, personal, mental, and even health effects. In terms of family, an addict will end up neglecting his or her family. An addict may also cease attending classes, which eventually leads to academic failure. Alcohol may have negative consequences on one’s health. It has been linked to diseases such as liver cirrhosis, diabetes, kidney issues, heart failure, and eventual death. At times, alcohol addiction may result in mental, psychological and emotional issues. Behavioral problems including delinquency, violence, and anti-social behavior could also be linked to addiction and abuse of alcohol and other drugs. It is therefore essential for those addicted to alcohol and other drugs to seek professional help.

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