Coping with Stress and Other Addiction Triggers

When you get back home from one of our South Florida drug rehab facilities you still have plenty of work to do to recover from your drug and alcohol addiction and to keep walking down the sober path. Part of getting back to life is working hard to continue understanding your addiction and the way you are triggered to want a drink or high.

After you’ve done the hard work of tracking your habits, and you’ve gained some insight into what your triggers are it is time to start building the tools so you can deal with your triggers in a way that maintains your sobriety. And hopefully down the line, as you learn what works for you,  you won’t have to spend as much intentional energy on it, because you will build health habits that make that constant choice to be sober, so much easier. The following are some easy but effective ways to deal with being triggered.

    1. Talk to your accountability partner. This is exactly why twelve step programs hook you up with a sponsor. Sometimes the best defense against a trigger is talking it out with someone you know will understand what it’s like and who you feel like you can trust and confide in. If you’re feeling a trigger, call someone you can trust, now.
    2. Find a distraction. Some people find that if they get triggered but distract themselves, the trigger will ease and they can move forward. It doesn’t work for everyone, but if it works for you, make sure you always have a few ideas in mind. Maybe it helps to go see a movie, or take a hike, no matter what make sure you have a plan.
    3. Take a shower. A lot of triggers are spurred by anxiety. A hot shower is an easy trick for calming down your fight or flight syndrome and consequently helping to relieve a trigger. The heat from the water relaxes your muscles and as your body physically releases, your triggers may calm and it will be easier to feel confident enough to make the sober choice.



If you are struggling with alcohol and drug addiction call us now to talk with us about our treatment facilities in florida. There’s help. We are here to support you all the way from medical detox to our aftercare program.

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