Coping With Stress After Medical Detox Without Having a Drink Pt. 2

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Are you just back home from going through a medically supervised alcohol detox recovery treatment? Have you spent the last while working hard in a long term drug rehab center? Sober living is all about knowing yourself. The most important thing you can do after therapy is to better understand the points of stress that trigger you. Just as important as knowing your triggers is building coping tools and starting to understand the ways you can effectively relieve stress without picking up a pipe or a wine glass.


Tips to Cope With Stress

This is a series highlighting different ways to cope with stress after alcohol detox and addiction recovery treatment.


  • Keep a journal. Yeah, I know, you’re not 11 years old, but I’m telling you, not every journal out there has a mini heart clasp lock on the front. There are some really beautiful adult journals out there. You could spend hours just walking through the writing journal section of your local Barnes and Noble appreciating how beautiful the covers are. Believe me, I know.  And there’s just about something for every aesthetic taste.
  • Writing helps you keep track of the trends happening in your life and through a kind of stream of consciousness brain dump can help you piece together the puzzle of your emotions and reactions and instincts. While you’re trying to understand your comfort zone, journaling can help keep track of your triggers, your moods, the context of the trigger and what kind of alcohol or drug craving you may or may not have experienced in conjunction. You can keep track of any way that you found successful at calming your anxiety or lifting your mood, or something that gave you hope.  You can keep a list of your successes in the journal to come back to when you’re feeling like you’re stuck in your journey, and a list of the priorities in your life, so you can come back to it when you need inspiration to keep going.


If you learn anything from this blog series about coping with stress, I want you to remember to always have a plan, and keep track of what works for you. Know what you are going to do before the stress even hits you. Keep ideas in your back pocket for when you need a good and effective stress reliever. This will help you manage triggers and cravings and will keep you on the path to a life lived in sobriety.

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