Considerations by Peter Marinelli

Considerations by Peter Marinelli

For some of us on this path of spiritual progress we can sometimes hit a wall and feel like we’re flat-lining.
I have found (and I speak for myself) that the re-working of the steps and looking at lots of considerations have been extremely helpful.
It keeps me current, accountable and free-er.
Also when doing this work for the second or third or tenth time it seems like we know what’s next. Well so does the ego. The steps are the steps and work. I have found via my “teachers” that different approaches and given questions to consider have been beneficial and trick the ego.
Although they may sometimes make me uncomfortable I have learned , if it feels good it doesn’t mean it’s good and if it feels bad it doesn’t mean it’s bad.
Considerations and considerations only –
The following are some questions I like to look at to consider and pass on to others.
Why do I think I need to go through the 12 steps?
What do I want or what do I expect from the 12 steps?
What lengths am I willing to go to?
What do I think makes me an alcoholic?
What does my 11th step practice look like?
What do I think is the difference between managing my own life and proper us of the will?
What does my current relationship with God look like? (If any)
Who am I accountable to?
What sort of thinking do I have that I’m not sharing with anyone?

Chop wood, carry water
Peter Marinelli

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