Is Connecticut Immune to the Opioid Crisis?

Interactive Data Paints a Grim Canvas Across Connecticut

It is easy to become immune to the realities of the opioid crisis, especially if you think “it’s not happening here”.
However, even in the most affluent areas of Connecticut, the rate of drug-related overdoses continues to rise. Just a few minutes using this interactive map will bring home the realities of the scope and depth of our current challenge.

State officials are rallying to save lives and turn the tide. In October, health directors from around the state met in Waterbury where they highlighted how to respond to an ever-growing problem.

The special meeting was put on by the Connecticut Association of Directors of Health. They said the only way they can get a handle on this opioid crisis is by raising awareness, educating, and working together.

“If this were West Nile, if this were Zika, certainly we’d be having an emergency declaration issued by the governor right away,” Darien Health Director Dave Knauf said.


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