Commonly Believed Alcohol Myths

Commonly Believed Alcohol Myths

America has a long relationship with alcohol. Throughout the years, it seems as though alcohol has become a staple in this country as a symbol of freedom and even democracy. Although alcohol has remained despite time and government control, it still has its dangers. Because of America’s love for this toxic chemical concoction, there have been a number of commonly believed alcohol myths that addicted individuals should be made aware of.

Alcohol Culture Means Drinking is Alright

You see it everywhere: TV commercials, magazine ads, billboards, even plastered all over the internet. Alcohol greets us at every corner. Living a life surrounded by these images is meant to make people think that alcohol isn’t all that bad. This alcohol culture is damaging to alcoholics who are encouraged to believe that their alcohol use is common. The reality is that alcohol is the fifth most addictive substance on this planet, regardless of how socially acceptable it may be deemed in our society. Also, it’s a common alcohol myth that drinking affects everyone the same. Scientist’s chemical tests and brain scans in the addiction field tell us otherwise. Just because some of America can drink without forming addiction doesn’t mean that you aren’t susceptible to it yourself.

Successful Individuals aren’t Alcoholics

This is the oldest alcohol myth in the book. Just because you may be a highly functioning alcoholic, it doesn’t mean that you are not an alcoholic. Alcoholism is not a matter of willpower or morals, it is a matter of chemical dependency and disease. Judges, police officers, firefighters, and any other members of high society put themselves at risk when becoming dependent on alcohol. Alcoholism doesn’t only affect the poor or those who have no jobs, it can affect and bring down the smartest, bravest, and most successful people as well. You may be living in success currently, but if your addiction to alcohol continues you could lose it all.

Alcohol Addiction is all in the Head

Yes, there are psychological aspects of addiction. Alcoholism is mostly a physiological disease. This is why addiction is not a matter of willpower or morals. Alcohol addicted individuals’ bodies literally cannot function properly without the presence of alcohol in their system. In fact, alcohol withdrawal can even induce death to those who have a dependency on the drug for a long enough time. Addicts aren’t evil; they are simply a product of their addictions. They are manipulated both on a psychological and a physiological level.

I Have Problems, so I Need to Drink

It is true that most individuals addicted to a substance first reach for their drug of choice to soothe negative emotions caused by death, family problems, mental issues, or many other circumstances. Experiencing soothed emotions from using drugs or alcohol can lead a person to use again in a time of stress to soothe those negative emotions. A continual cycle of use is bound to lead to raised tolerance, dependence, and ultimately addiction. 

The reality is that every person on this planet has his or her own set of problems. Addicted individuals have a sense of self-ego that allows them to believe that their issues are larger than those of people surrounding them, justifying their drug or alcohol use. You don’t need a drink to soothe your problems. You need to take control of your addiction so that it doesn’t lead to other problems, as it already has.

Why Would I Want to Get Sober? It’s Boring!

Of course, in a land enamored with alcohol, you’ll never hear someone say being sober is delightful. This is one of the more surprising alcohol myths; sobriety is great! You may not think to make a lifestyle change is in your best interest, but it surely is if you are living a life led by addiction. How many friends do you have that only use you to get a drink with? Are they really your friends if they only wish to justify their own addictions by using you as a comparison? Well, recovery is a community of individuals that you will find only wishes to see you succeed.

Recovery also allows individuals to focus on new priorities and goals for life that they were previously unaware of due to a focus on their addictions. How many passions or hobbies have you given up due to your addictive behavior? If you choose a life of recovery, you will be able to open your life to so many more opportunities and wonderful, life-altering experiences.

Destroying Alcohol Myths in Your Own Life

Tired of the alcohol myths and stigmas? Decide to break free of them in your own life. Treatment is available and successful to those who make a dedication to recovery and sobriety. The biggest and most widely accepted alcohol myth out there is that treatment is a magic pill for addiction. It’s not. You have to decide for yourself that you will let treatment affect you so that it can actually provide you with the help that you need. Make the commitment today; it could save your life.


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