Columbia Student Overdose Death Not Discovered for Five Days

Columbia University

Student ODed in Dorm, Body Not Found for Five Days

Columbia University student Gage Bellitto died alone of an overdose in his dorm room three days before Christmas. His body wasn’t found for five days.

As reported by the Inquisitr, Bellitto died in his Ivy League dorm room in the affluent halls of Columbia University–after an overdose of what were thought to be illegally purchased opioids.

Kyle Bellitto, Gage’s mother, and Glenn Bellitto, his father, are both Harvard graduates and work in the areas of law and finance. They live in a well-respected community with an average income exceeding $200,000 annually. This is a tiny window into the way that the opioid epidemic has transcended stereotypical demographics.

According to interviews with the New York Post, Bellitto had shown symptoms of an ongoing problem with substance abuse all through his high school years, and his friends reported that he regularly manipulated doctors in order to gain prescriptions to scheduled medications that he didn’t necessarily need. This included everything from stimulant medications used for attention deficit disorder and anti-anxiety medications used to treat severe symptoms of anxiety and insomnia.

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