Colorado Physician Acknowledges Medical Community’s Responsibility in the Opioid Epidemic

Colorado Physician Acknowledges Medical Community’s Responsibility in the Opioid Epidemic

Colorado-based Doctor Adam Barkin attributes a significant amount of painkiller abuse, and thus the opioid crisis to doctors who don’t exercise enough caution prescribing the potentially habit-forming medications. “We as physicians, I think, had helped create this problem by prescribing opioids and ultimately we decided we need to be part of the solution,” said Barkin.

“Colorado has the 12th highest rate of misuse and abuse of those prescriptions,” according to CBS Denver.

Dr. Barkin brings up an excellent point; there is more – or perhaps less – that doctors can do. One such option is to shorten the duration for painkiller prescriptions and more closely monitor the volume given to individual patients.

“Even a short prescription of opioids can end up in the wrong person’s hand,” Dr. Barkin warns.

Indeed, many young people start taking opiates from family members and develop a substance dependency from a young age. Dr. Barkin’s cautionary words ring even truer because of the growing opioid epidemic.

All It Takes Is One Negative Experience To End Your Life

Every day, individuals across the country succumb to opioid addiction. 33,000 people died from Opioids in 2015 alone, according to the Center for Disease Control. Gambling with your life is no way to life.

Whether you’re a teenager coping with frustration, an adult overwhelmed by the daily grind, or an elderly person who fell victim to opioid addiction, drugs and alcohol never provide the solution to life’s problems.

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