10% of the Population Has Traces of Cocaine on Fingertips

Cocaine On Fingertips

Cocaine Found on the Hands of More than 10% of Population

Researchers were surprised to find that more than 10% of random volunteers had traces of cocaine and other drugs on their fingertips.

As reported by Fortune, there’s a good chance that you have trace amounts of heroin or cocaine on your fingertips right now, even if you’ve never used either drug.

Scientists have discovered that both drugs have become so widely used that 13% of people have traces of them on their fingers, without realizing it. That means that a little over one in ten people are unknowingly walking around with drugs on their hands.

The finding of cocaine and heroin study were recently published in the journal of Clinical Chemistry.

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“Believe it or not, cocaine is a very common environmental contaminant – it is well known that it is present on many bank notes. Even so, we were surprised that it was detected in so many of our fingerprint samples,” Dr. Melanie Bailey, lecturer in forensic analysis at the University of Surrey, said in an interview with Phys

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To learn more about how cocaine, heroin and other drugs are now literally part of our everyday environment, please visit Fortune.com.

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