“Overdose Surge” Hits Cincinnati Region

Public Health Officials Sound the Alarm As Overdoses Spike

The momentum started building on Thursday and Friday as emergency responders received 20 dispatches for possible overdoses across Hamilton County. Then on Saturday and Sunday local hospitals saw 18 admissions for overdoses.

This spike in activity prompted the Hamilton County Heroin Coalition to issue an alert to the public.

This overdose surge is up from an average of eight to 10 overdoses a day, said Newtown Police Chief Tom Synan, a chief in the heroin coalition.

Fortunately, this burst had subsided by Sunday, and overdoses were back to “just” eight a day.

“This is an internal trigger system that lets the heroin coalition know to start checking resources, intelligence and information to be better prepared in the case of a significant, long-range spike (in overdoses),” Synan said.

“It is disturbing that, on a normal day – eight to 10 overdoses – it doesn’t trigger an outpouring of alarm.”

Read more at Cincinnati.com.

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