Choosing Between Detox or Rehab – Knowing the Difference

Knowing the difference between detox and rehab can help you choose detox or rehab and the right program for your needs. FHE Health can guide you through the differences so that you make the right choice. Choosing between detox or rehab is easy when you know the difference between the two.

Detox – this is the process where the body releases its dependence on the substance. Addiction triggers a chemical change and that change must be dealt with in order for recovery to take place.

Potential patients should attend detox if they have been on a drug for a prolonged period of time. Withdrawal should be medically monitored under professionals.

Rehab – this is a program lasting weeks or months where the issues that triggered addiction are addressed. It serves as a foundation for growing new habits and actions that will provide a lasting recovery.

Rehab is usually the phase of treatment after detox if complete, if the patient feels that he or she will have little withdrawal symptoms then entering rehab can be their first step, but we advise detox first.

Many facilities will utilize detox programs at the beginning of rehab, but rehab will address more than simply the chemical dependence of addiction. Many times successful recovery comes from the combination of detox and rehab, but knowing the difference in the two can help you develop the right recovery plan for your needs. Determining if you need detox or rehab is all a personal choice but the staff at FHE Health can help you better make the assessment if you call today. (844) 299-0618

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