Celebrities are at High Risk for Overdose

It is a pretty well known fact that a lot of celebrities die from overdosing or due to addiction related health problems. You’re at a higher risk for drug problems just by being a famous person. Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, and Jim Morrison, all legends and all of them died too young due to an overdose. In the last ten years we have seen many devastating deaths of beloved musicians, actors, athletes, and other well known figures. Here are a few.


CelebretiesYear of Death
Heath Ledger2008
Christopher Bowman2008
Michael Jackson2009
Edward Fatu “Umaga”2009
BIlly Mays2009
Erica Blasberg2010
Andy Irons2010
Amy Winehouse2011
Micheal Carl Baze2011
Derek Boogaard2011
Whitney Houston2012
Cory Monteith2013
Lisa Robin Kelly2013
Kris Kross2013
Jeff Hanneman2013
Philip Seymour Hoffman2014
Joan Rivers2014
Scott Weiland2015
Lil Peep2017
Tom Petty2017


When famous people die it often really devastates the general public. Like with Prince in 2016, the celebrity’s fans mourn the loss, but there is something of a heavy feeling more broad than just their fan base. Perhaps it is because these artists and athletes mirror our world back to us. We watch as they work and produce art or win games and races and we feel a part of their successes of failures. They are in some ways representatives of the general public. They are the stories that we consume, for better or worse.

Many celebrities suffer from feeling alone in their fame. They are vulnerable and often only seen as the public work they produce. This kind of distance from the general public, combined with the saturation of attention they receive can lead to a feeling of untenable expectations and a whole life riding on pleasing a whole world.

These are feelings that everyone experiences sometimes. Feelings of deep loneliness, disconnection, and an inability to meet high expectations can often lead to alcohol and drug abuse.


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