Some financial tips for early recovery

Out From Under: Financial Tips for Life in Recovery

Making the decision to get clean can be overwhelming emotionally, physically, mentally and financially. Choosing to go to rehabilitation effectively upends the way you’ve been living for months or even years, replacing your home and your routines with life in a treatment center. The process of getting help alone is a big step, but dealing… Read More

5 Tips for a Fun Sober New Years Eve

5 Fun Ideas for a Sober New Years Eve

New Year’s Eve has long been known for its drug and alcohol-fueled frivolities. It’s not uncommon for party-loving people to spend the last day of the calendar year sipping champagne and dancing the night away with friends or family members. In fact, New Year’s Eve is among the most alcohol-laden of all holidays, with drunk driving… Read More

Recovery tips for resolutions

Inspirational Tips for Keeping Your Resolutions in the New Year

Resolutions can be some of the most difficult demands we place on ourselves every year. For those recovering from alcohol or drug addiction, these resolutions come with additional risks. If you’re in recovery, there are several things you should consider about resolutions, including the right type to make. As the new year approaches, take a… Read More

Dating after Rehab - the Risks

The Risks of Dating After Rehab

Rehabilitation has the ability to change many things about the ways in which you go about your life, from daily routines to recreational activities. In just a matter of weeks or months, everything about the way you live turns upside down. The process of rehab is designed to provide a clearer focus, healthier habits and… Read More