Life After Mental Health Treatment: Will You Have to Take Medication Forever?

Life After Mental Health Treatment - Will You Have to Take Medication Forever

Tens of millions of Americans suffer from some type of mental illness, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. Of those, approximately one in six adults takes psychiatric drugs. Medications are often given to help reduce symptoms and prevent relapses of a psychiatric disorder, so they play an important part in the overall treatment and rehab of those… Read More

Step 6: Addressing Character Defects

How step 6 addresses character defects

Embracing change means making commitments to yourself to rid your life of your defects and faults. In the 12-Step Program, Step 6 focuses on this key topic. What Is Step 6 of the 12 Steps? Are you ready for a change? It seems like a simple statement, but Step 6 of AA asks you to do more. It reads,… Read More

How Admitting Your Wrongs Can Propel Your Recovery: Step 5 of the 12 Steps

How admitting your wrongs can propel your recovery

Every step of a 12-Step Program, such as Alcoholics Anonymous and other “anonymous” recovery groups, is extremely deliberate and comes with its own set of challenges. In Step 4, you are challenged emotionally with the prospect of confronting the fear and pain that comes with taking a moral inventory. Often called the “confession” step, Step 5 “admit to God,… Read More

Family Bonds and Spiritual Well-Being: How to Strengthen These in Early Recovery

How to strengthen family bonds in early recovery

Trust is at the cornerstone of all relationships, both platonic and romantic. Trust enables individuals to share secrets, discuss life challenges and seek advice. It also plays an integral role in maintaining a reputation of reliability — if someone you trust says they will do something, you can generally accept that they will stay true to their word. However, nothing… Read More

The Clean, Sober Diet: Tips for Eating Well in Recovery

Tips for Eating Well in Recovery - Sober Diet

A healthy diet is important for everything from maintaining a normal weight to preventing elevated risks of things like stroke and heart disease. Significant scientific research goes into determining the effects of different foods on the human body, with general conclusions pointing to natural whole foods as the best option. For those hoping to maintain health in sobriety,… Read More

How to Move from Resentment to Forgiveness in Family Therapy

Family therapy - how to move from resentment

Family therapy can be an effective way to connect with a strong support system during rehab. In many cases, the people who understand the person in recovery are their family members, and those connections can be invaluable in the struggle of lifelong recovery. But sometimes, relationships with family become strained. If you experienced trauma or instability at home… Read More

“Dopesick Nation” and How South Florida Became a Top Recovery Destination

Recovery Destination Florida and Dopesick Nation

In recent months, Dopesick Nation, a documentary television series on Viceland, has provided an inside look at the addiction epidemic in the United States, specifically in South Florida. In Dopesick Nation, Frankie and Allie are two recovering addicts. They set out on a mission to take on this growing epidemic, with a specific focus on opioids, and turn things around. To do so, they… Read More

5 Tips for Coping with Painful Emotions Without Drugs or Alcohol

Coping without using substance abuse

Do you find yourself reaching for a drink or taking drugs when uncomfortable emotions hit? If so, you’re not alone. Having a glass of wine, a few beers or even a couple of tokes off a joint aren’t just common ways to deal with stress, anxiety, and depression; they’re widely viewed as being both safe and socially acceptable. The trouble… Read More

5 Natural, Drug-Free Ways to “Get High”

The 5 natural drug-free ways to get high

Getting high can make you feel good. It’s that good feeling that often reinforces a pattern of substance abuse. Yet, drugs that cause this euphoria are an unnatural way of achieving this feeling and dangerous to your health. You can learn how to get high naturally so you don’t have to rely on drugs to experience this feeling…. Read More