5 Tips for Coping with Painful Emotions Without Drugs or Alcohol

Coping without using substance abuse

Do you find yourself reaching for a drink or taking drugs when uncomfortable emotions hit? If so, you’re not alone. Having a glass of wine, a few beers or even a couple of tokes off a joint aren’t just common ways to deal with stress, anxiety, and depression; they’re widely viewed as being both safe and socially acceptable. The trouble… Read More

5 Natural, Drug-Free Ways to “Get High”

The 5 natural drug-free ways to get high

Getting high can make you feel good. It’s that good feeling that often reinforces a pattern of substance abuse. Yet, drugs that cause this euphoria are an unnatural way of achieving this feeling and dangerous to your health. You can learn how to get high naturally so you don’t have to rely on drugs to experience this feeling…. Read More

Embarking on Recovery: How to Overcome Your Fears & Prepare For Success

How to overcome your fears and prepare for success - FHE

Prepare Yourself for Success Addiction can be difficult to beat without the help of trained professionals, but those who suffer are often resistant to getting the assistance they need. Although admitting you have a problem that requires treatment can be hard, knowing what you’re up against helps you develop the right mindset for success. Common Barriers To Admitting You… Read More

A.A. Explained: The Fourth Step, Your Fearless Moral Inventory

What is Step 4 - Your Fearless Moral Inventory

While every step in the 12-step program presents a unique set of challenges for participants, Step Four has gained notoriety as being the “scary” step. It’s the Step that requires you to take a long, hard, honest look at your character flaws. It can feel overwhelming and frightening but can also serve as a powerful tool you can use to… Read More

Meeting a New You: Life Changes and Sobriety

Life Changes and Sobriety - If You're dealing with an addiction to alcohol getting sober is definitely a change. It means saying no to drinking, which is in turn means a potential change in lifestyle habits

If you’re dealing with an addiction to alcohol, getting sober is definitely a change. It means saying no to drinking, which in turn means a potential change in lifestyle, habits and even everyday situations. But you don’t become a completely different person just because you go through recovery. Find out more about the changes you might need to… Read More

A.A. Explained: The Third Step & “God As You Understand Him”

What is AA Step 3 - God as you understand Him

Making a decision to turn life over to a higher power is the third step in the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous (or Narcotics Anonymous). Specifically, the step calls for participants to “make a decision to turn their will and lives over to the care of God as they understood Him.” But you don’t have to be Christian… Read More

Making the Most of Grief: Coping With Loss of a Loved One in Recovery

Family member died in recovery -dealing with loss

Recovery from addiction, no matter what shape it takes or the stage that it’s in, is an emotionally taxing time for anyone. Being able to resist the strongest temptations and make sweeping changes to your life isn’t easily done. The difficulty of recovery is amplified, however, when grief is added. Losing a loved one can bring great sadness for anyone,… Read More

A.A. Explained: Why the 12-step Journey Begins With “Powerlessness”

The importance of powerlessness

In 1939, Bill W. and Dr. Bob S., the founders of Alcoholic Anonymous, published the first edition of “The Big Book.” In it, they outlined AA’s philosophy and methods for a peer-based recovery program for alcoholics based on the Twelve Steps of recovery. Worldwide, alcoholics, addicts and treatment professionals embraced the Twelve Steps, and more than 35 million copies of AA’s Big Book have… Read More

How Your Substance Abuse Baggage Is Weighing You Down

How substance abuse baggage is weighing you down

A common topic of discussion in recovery is whether someone can find a lasting romantic connection with another person in spite of their addiction or mental health disorder, and the fact is, it’s not easy. There are a huge number of ways your recovery can wreak havoc on your ability to have a functioning relationship. Nevertheless, human beings… Read More