How to Make the Most of Group Therapy: Topics That Get Addressed

How to make the most of group therapy

In a group setting, you come together with others who understand your problems and know what you are experiencing. You can benefit most from group therapy and feel comfortable getting the help you need if you put time and effort into the process. The Advantages of Group Therapy Group therapy is a popular source of help. Offered in many… Read More

Alcohol Abstinence Challenge: What Happens When You Go Cold Turkey

Can you stop drinking?

The Alcohol Abstinence Challenge seems to be a straightforward, honest way to test yourself. All you have to do is go one week without drinking alcohol of any type. It seems easy enough, but what this challenge proves is that abstaining from alcohol is not possible for an alcoholic. Doing so can even be dangerous unless it’s done… Read More

Not Sure if You Have ADD? This Quiz Can Help

ADD Quiz - Not sure if you have ADD?

ADD is a common condition in modern culture, to the point that it has become a catch-all for anyone who has trouble focusing or is disorganized and flighty. It’s not uncommon to hear someone say something like, “Sorry, it’s like I have ADD,” when they’re not listening, or they may make a joke about having ADD after making a… Read More

The Revealing Link Between Adverse Childhood Experiences and Addiction

ACEs and Addiction- the link

The psychological community has long understood a strong link between what happens to us as children and the way mental health disorders manifest later in life. Is this true of addiction as well? Addiction is a physical and mental disease, and while it can happen to anyone, some people seem to be more prone to drug abuse. What… Read More

Self-Detox and Other Excuses for Not Getting Help

How the idea of 'self-detox' is an excuse for not getting help

“I don’t have an addiction.” It’s something people say to family and friends all of the time. Then they ask themselves, “Am I an addict?” Secretly, you may question whether you do, in fact, have an addiction. If you’re asking these questions, you may be lying to yourself. Many men and women find it difficult to commit to… Read More

How to Find Good Trauma Therapy for PTSD

Finding good Trauma Therapy - Tips

Living with trauma can be deeply challenging. Much like having a dark cloud overhead all the time, virtually any situation has the ability to trigger symptoms of panic, worry and anxiety. In some cases, those affected will start to avoid places and people that are reminiscent of trauma, experience flashbacks and turn to inappropriate coping methods in an attempt… Read More

The Quest for Perfect Abs: How to Know if It’s Exercise Addiction

How to know if it is exercise addiction?

Many men and women want to look fit, but an unhealthy obsession with fitness can be an exercise addiction. Those who exhibit this condition spend a significant amount of time focused on body image, exercise methods, and overall physical fitness. This is a type of mental health disorder much like an eating disorder or body image disorder. What… Read More

5 Tips for How to Quit Smoking Weed, from the Experts

5 Tips from the experts on quitting smoking weed

For millions of Americans — approximately one in seven — smoking weed is a common and appreciated recreational activity. Used to relax, treat pain, party or simply relieve temporary stress, marijuana is seen as a lesser drug due to its mild symptoms and medicinal uses. However, just because marijuana lacks the dangers that heroin and meth, for example, may offer, this doesn’t… Read More

Up In Smoke: Knowing When Weed Has Taken Over Your Life

has weed taken over your life?

In the last few years, there’s been a monumental shift in laws, attitudes and social acceptance of marijuana use across the country. Despite the fact that cannabis remains classified as a Schedule 1 substance under the Controlled Substances Act, medical marijuana is now legal in close to three dozen states and recreational weed has been decriminalized in 10 states (and counting). Changing laws around… Read More