The Dangers of a So-Called “Good Trip”

The Dangers of a "Good Trip"

Have you ever wondered what a person means when they say they had a “good trip”? As it turns out, this may not be as abstract a concept as it seems. In digital communities where recreational drug use is common, there are rules, guidelines and defined ways to make sure you have a “good trip” when you use… Read More

The Shocking Number of Vaping Options That Every Parent Should Know About

Shocking Number of Vaping Options

The popularity of vaping is well-known. A deviation of the original electronic cigarettes, vapes are now ubiquitous with an estimated 10.8 million Americans using electronic cigarettes of some sort, over half of them under the age of 35. Just as parents for hundreds of years have had to contend with their children smoking, today’s parents can also add vaping to the list. While propagated as a… Read More

Do You Have an Addictive Personality? Find Out!

Have you heard the term highly addictive personality and wondered what it means? It’s not a clinical term, but this type of personality may indicate that you are at a higher risk for developing a chemical dependency and addiction. Do You Think You Have an Addictive Personality? To find out, take a quick quiz. Read through the following questions…. Read More

Drug Profile: Marijuana

Drug Profile - Marijuana -Abuse, Addiction and Treatment

Marijuana has an extensive history of human cultivation and use. Dating back to the first ancient cultures in recorded history, it is thought that marijuana’s first use was as an herbal medicine. The cannabis or hemp plant originally evolved in Central Asia and then made its way to Africa, Europe, and then the Americas. Some evidence exists that… Read More

Drug Profile: Ayahuasca

Drug Profile - Ayahuasca

The indigenous people of the Amazon basin traditionally consumed ayahuasca as medicine in spiritual ceremonies. The drug has several different names throughout Brazil and the northern part of South America, including “ayawaska,” “caapi,” “cipo,” “natem” and “shori.” The first known use dates back to 1000 C.E. based on a discovery of ayahuasca residue in a Bolivian cave. Christian… Read More

Drug Profile: CBD

Drug Profile on CBD Oil from FHE HEalth

CBD, “cannabidiol,” or “hemp oil” may seem like a new discovery, but it has actually been cultivated for thousands of years. Many cultures, including the ancient Egyptians, used the cannabis plant and its derivatives for healing, and cannabis was most likely one of the first plants cultivated for the purpose of making cloth. Often there is confusion about… Read More

Drug Profile: Barbiturates

Drug Profile: Barbiturates

First developed in the late 19th century by Germany’s Bayer Labs, barbiturates were historically prescribed by doctors to help patients relax and fall asleep. In fact, from 1920 until about 1950, these drugs were essentially the only sedatives available. During the 1960s and 70s, barbiturates were widely used in medicine, but their use also became associated with recreational… Read More

Drug Profile: Procentra

Drug Profile - Procentra

“ProCentra” is the brand name for “dextroamphetamine sulfate,” which acts as a central nervous stimulant. Dextroamphetamine (a.k.a. “d-amphetamine”) is one of two active forms of the synthetic compound “amphetamine,” and is also the stronger of these two forms (the other being “levo(l)-amphetamine”). Amphetamines were developed as far back as the 1800’s when Romanian chemist Lazar Edeleanu synthesized the… Read More

Drug Profile: Peyote

Drug Profile on the Drug Peyote

Though used in religious ceremonies and medicine for several thousands of years among Native Indians in Mexico and North American tribes, peyote and its psychedelic abilities have always sparked controversy. The U.S. government attempted to ban its use but was met with strong resistance from native tribes. Today, the Native American Church uses it legally in its religious… Read More

Drug Profile: LSD

Drug Profile - LSD - Abuse Addiction and Treatment

First developed in 1938 by Albert Hofmann, LSD, or “lysergic acid diethylamide,” was first discovered while Hofmann was working with a fungus. Hofmann experimented with doses and experienced the world’s first intentional “acid trip.” In the 1950’s LSD acid was used as part of the CIA’s MK-Ultra project. Today, LSD is a Schedule I Controlled Substance, as defined… Read More