Maisie Williams on Anxiety, Depression, and Celebrity

Maisie Williams on Anxiety and Depression

Imagine being thrust into worldwide stardom by winning the role of Arya Stark in HBO’s blockbuster series “Game of Thrones.” Now imagine being only 13 years old and taking on your first acting gig without realizing the overwhelming, psychologically exhausting effects instant stardom would have on your self-esteem and self-identity. This is exactly what happened to Maisie Williams when she made her debut on… Read More

Lady Gaga: Mental Health and Advocacy

Lady Gaga on her history of mental health and advoacy

Stefani Germanotta, better known as Lady Gaga, is a household name in the United States and around the world. After her rise to popularity in 2008 with her smash hit “Poker Face,” Lady Gaga has released multiple platinum records, acted in movies, performed at awards shows and, overall, been a true pop culture force over the last decade. However,… Read More

How Media Coverage of Suicide Both Hurts and Helps the Mental Health Cause

On August 12, 2014, legendary actor and comedian Robin Williams committed suicide. The next morning, the New York Daily News published the news with a single-word headline, “Hanged,” in reference to the way Williams chose to take his own life. Over the next five months, the number of suicides rose by nearly 2,000 over the expected average during that period…. Read More

PTSD in the Special Forces: Everything You Need to Know

PTSD in the Special Forces

All military members play an integral role in maintaining the security of our country and the safety of its citizens at home and abroad, but when it comes to some of the most dangerous military operations, the special forces play a unique role. In the military, this is referred to as Special Operations Forces (SOF) and includes the… Read More

5 Lessons Children Learn Seeing Parents Drink

5 Lessons Children Learn Seeing Parents Drink

For many, parenting is one of the most challenging responsibilities they will ever take on. It turns your schedule inside out, changes your perspective on the world and those in it, and causes many to renegotiate their personal identity and roles. For those with a drinking problem, kids and alcohol become entangled with inevitably negative outcomes. It’s often… Read More

What’s the Link Between Personality Type and Addiction?

Personality Type and Addiction

With more than 22 million Americans experiencing a substance abuse problem, it’s no wonder people worry if there are predisposing factors to addiction. Some studies show personality traits can make people more prone to addiction, but much of this information is conflicting. According to Scientific American, there is no correlation between someone’s personality and whether or not they… Read More

How Political Partisanship May Be Hurting Your Mental Health

How Political Partisanship may be hurting your mental health

It’s no secret that the United States is undergoing a period of particularly high political partisanship, but what are the broader implications of this period on society? Is it healthy to be as combative about seemingly every topic that arises as we are today? What roles are social media and the age of real-time communication playing in the… Read More

A Modern Family Playbook for Managing Rehab with Kids

Modern Family Playbook for Managing Rehab with Kids

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, about one in 35 children in 2014 lived with at least one parent who had an illicit drug use disorder, and one in 10 children lived with at least one parent with an alcohol abuse disorder. Substance addiction is a disease that affects the individual and the entire family,… Read More

An Essential Survival Guide for Your First Weeks Sober

FHE Health blog - An essential survival guide for the first few weeks sober

Staying sober is one of the most challenging steps you’ll take on the path to long-term success. The rate of relapse is high, as much as 40 percent according to the National Institutes on Drug Abuse. Yet, with the right tool kit and resources, you may find it’s possible for you to stay the course. The Seriousness of Early Recovery Take… Read More

Four Dangers to Mental Health from Kanye West’s Comments on Bipolar Disorder and Mental Illness

4 Dangers to Mental Health from Kanye West's Comments

Kicking off Season 2 of My Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman last month was artist and producer Kanye West. The conversation with Letterman touched on a wide range of topics, from the death of West’s mother, a Fulbright scholar and English professor … to echoes of West’s controversial views aired elsewhere (about Trump, the “Me Too”… Read More