How the Latest Innovation in Brain Science Can Help Patients with Opiate, Benzo and Stimulant Addictions: Expert Opinion

Dr. Dogris on how neurostim is changing addiction detox

Neurostimulation, a technique that involves direct electrical, magnetic and/or other vibrational stimulation to the brain, has been effectively treating mental illnesses like depression for decades in Europe, Australia and other parts of the world. In the United States, however, the treatment is not yet considered mainstream, and FHE Health is one of very few (if any) rehab facilities… Read More

Breathing Your Way to Recovery: Expert Opinion

Expert Opinion - Breathwork

“Breathwork therapy” is a cutting-edge intervention that’s helping patients heal from trauma and other unresolved issues. Learn how. Lisa Loew is one of FHE Health’s therapists— but the therapy she specializes in is not your more garden-variety psychotherapy. Loew is a practitioner of “integral breath therapy,” which uses various types of breathing and specific breathing techniques to help… Read More

The Exciting Promise of Neuro Therapy for Mental Health: Expert Opinion

Expert Opinion - Exciting Promise of NeuroTherapy

A cutting-edge treatment known as “neurorehabilitation” is helping people achieve long-term recovery from addiction and other co-occurring disorders. Learn what it is and meet one of its practitioners. In the mental health field, the notion that you can improve your brain health in a non-invasive way and without medication is both relatively new and nothing short of revolutionary…. Read More

5 Barriers to Personal Growth That Rehab Addresses: Expert Opinion

How can Rehab help address problems with personal growth?

It’s only inevitable that a mental health problem will present barriers to personal growth. Knowing what these are can help you face and overcome them. Discover the five most common barriers to personal growth for people in recovery— and, how rehab helps to address them. “Personal growth” is a process of mental, emotional and/or spiritual development and maturation,… Read More

Relationships and Recovery: Avoiding the Quick External Fix

Art Jacob with Sober Skills

Sober Skills: Relationships and Their Impact on Recovery The drive to develop relationships is a natural instinct, so it’s not surprising that many people attempt relationships during their road to recovery. And while relationships themselves aren’t necessarily a bad thing, Art Jacob, the Director of Sober Skills at FHE Health, says that developing new relationships at the beginning… Read More

Tricks of the Trade: How Casinos Enable Gambling Addiction… And How to Stop – With Gambling Specialist Sue Naversen

Gambling Specialist Sue Naversen - How Casinos Enable Gambling Addiction

Gambling can become an addiction just as substances such as cocaine or heroin can, says Susan Naversen, MS, AP-DOM and compulsive gambling specialist at FHE Health. “Gambling addiction is the first non-substance to be included as an addiction in the DSM-5,” says Naversen. That’s the 5th edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, a book published by the… Read More

Job Protection & Behavioral Health or Dependency Issues: Expert Opinion

Expert opinion - Job Protection

Understanding Job Protection and Behavioral Health or Dependency Issues Among the chief reasons individuals don’t seek inpatient care when they’re struggling with addiction or mental health is because they’re afraid they might lose their jobs, says Janet Gerhard, the Director of Public and Community Affairs for FHE Health. But the law is actually on their side. In her… Read More

Treating Borderline Personality & Bipolar Disorders: With Clinical Director, Dr. Nelson

Borderline Personality Disorder and Bipolar

FHE Health takes a holistic approach to behavioral health treatment, which means it doesn’t just concentrate on substance abuse disorders. Often, addiction has ties to mental health disorders, and the team at FHE Health is experienced in treating co-occurring disorders and understanding the role that mental health may play in both daily life and in drug or alcohol… Read More

5 Major Life Events That Impact Women’s Mental Health: Trauma Therapist

Janus Moncur, Trauma Therapist on 5 Major Life Events that Impact Women's Mental Health

From premenstrual syndrome to pregnancy, women deal with many issues in life that are unique to their gender. Those life changes and other factors can lead women of all backgrounds and situations to experience mental health or addiction issues, and busy modern schedules don’t help. “I think what is sometimes difficult for people is to actually take time… Read More