I’m blessed

Every so often a teacher appears on our lives to teach us great lessons about not only recovery but also about life. That person for me was a man from Texas. I recently got to speak at his treatment enter. I could remember out phone talk when he would share his vision with me and… Read More

What happened? by Peter Marinelli

I often wonder what happened to tradition and respect as I observe our world today. Maybe I’m just getting old and grumpy (I hope not) but I have to wonder what happened. I remember when families sat down together for a family dinner and you left the table by asking if you could be excused… Read More

Have Let Go? By Peter Marinelli

Letting go and turning it over. We hear is too often and yet we hear the struggles in doing so. Why is it? We can look back over the years of how we have done in running our life and it always led back to a drink or drug and some other form of unmanageability…. Read More

sober living program

The Florida House Sober Living Program by Peter Marinelli

About Our Sober Living Program The Florida House Sober Living Program is not just another sober house for men to reside. This program features very unique components. Along with the highest of standards and a curriculum that is based in spirituality, the residents of The Florida House Sober Living Program are part of a team… Read More

The Need for Old-timers by Peter Marinelli

Too often I have been at my 12 step fellowship and could not help but notice that our beloved “old-timers” were missing. Unless I’m attending a conference, where I get to meet and see many of them, at our local meetings, I don’t. I have wondered why for so long. I began to ask some… Read More