How FHE Health Is Tackling Local Opiate Epidemic

This month FHE Health participated in a community conversation with state and local elected officials about how the national opiate epidemic has affected Broward County and how best to address the crisis. In recent years, the organization “Broward Days” has hosted an annual gathering for elected officials, municipalities, educators, non-profits, and selected businesses from the community, who come… Read More

Why FHE Health is a Strength Benefactor of the Hanley Foundation Dinner

How FHe is a Strength Benefactor of Hanley Foundation

FHE Health aims to provide an incredible level of service to those facing substance use disorders and mental health conditions of all types. To do this, we recognize the value and importance of education. That’s why FHE Health will be the premier treatment center sponsor of the Hanley Foundation’s Palm Beach Dinner. We’re proud to be a part of this incredible organization’s… Read More

The Miami Dolphins’ Sober Zone and Other Approaches to Sports Venue Sobriety

Sober Zone seating at Miami Dolphins

In January 1990, the Miami Dolphins made history when they announced that at their home venue, Joe Robbie Stadium, they would be reducing ticket prices in some areas and making a few sections designated “sober areas.” The stadium, now called Hard Rock Stadium, still utilizes their sober zone tickets and our Alumni community takes yearly trips to enjoy a game while seated… Read More

FHE Alumni and Broward Partnership

The Broward Partnership - FHE Alumni Volunteering

At FHE Health, we understand our role in improving the lives of members of our community in South Florida, and we realize that many of the people that come to us for help may be struggling with more than just addiction or mental health disorders. Homelessness is a problem in South Florida, especially in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties…. Read More

FHE Health Supports NAMI Walk

Supporting NAMI Walk

More and more, we’re seeing groups make efforts to raise awareness for mental illness. The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) is an organization doing its part to reduce the stigma of mental illness, and these efforts are never more visible than in their regional events, called NAMI Walks. At FHE Health, we understand the importance of getting… Read More

Head in the Stocks

It’s an urban legend that there was a flood of investor suicides after the American stock market crash. Nevertheless, many investors have committed suicide after losing everything to the whims of the market. At the time of this writing, Facebook has just lost nearly $120 Billion dollars in value leaving more than a few investors searching for the… Read More