Alumni Outlook: How To Mend Broken Relationships With Your Children

Alumni Outlook How to Mend Broken relationships

Addiction is a chronic disease that negatively affects the individual struggling as well as destroying every relationship in its path. One of the most heart-wrenching casualties of the battle with addiction is the trail of damaged relationships with children left in its wake. With proper treatment and professional help, mending broken relationships with your children – in recovery… Read More

Alumni Outlook: The Continued Benefits of AA Involvement and Spiritual Practices

The Benefits of continued AA involvement

It would be fair to say that most of us, recovering alcoholics, are typically not advocates of discipline, change, or structure – at least outside of our addiction. However, upon venturing into the realm of recovery, these practices have been my saving grace. Early on, someone told me, “You only need to change one thing: everything.” I remember… Read More

Alumni Outlook: Why Spirituality is an Essential Part of Recovery

Alumni Outlook - Why Spirituality is an Essential Part of Recovery

Science and Spirituality: If addiction is a disease of the brain, why is spirituality vital to recovery? I was your average child growing up: full of hope, purity, and love. As we all do, I had a fundamental yearning for a connection to a spiritual power greater than myself. Life eventually dealt me a handful of trauma and… Read More

Alumni Outlook: Finding Balance in Recovery and Letting Go of the ‘All or Nothing’ Mentality

Alumni Outlook - Finding Balance in Recovery and letting go of the all or nothing mentality

Balance…a word that is cringeworthy to every alcoholic – sober or still drinking. The truth is, most of us have extreme personalities, completely void of any moderation. Think of the game whack-a-mole, the second we begin addressing our addiction, an extreme character defect pops up to the surface. As addicts, we spend our lives in the vicious cycle… Read More

Alumni Outlook: 4 Tips For Parents in Addiction Recovery

Addiction Recovery - Parenting Tips

Of all the gifts that have come to fruition in my recovery, the ability to show up and be the best mother I can be is by far my favorite. When I think of the things I’m most grateful for, my kids instantly come to mind — talk about undeserving. Before getting sober, I was an absolute mess…. Read More

Alumni Outlook: Benefits of Continued Therapy in Recovery

Why you should continue therapy after rehab

Most people assume the remedy for recovery involves detox and abstinence from the drugs/alcohol. The truth is, this is only the beginning. Recovery is a life-long process, one that requires discipline and most importantly intensive treatment and therapy.  Addiction is usually a symptom of an underlying issue such as trauma, abuse, grief, and many other mental health disorders…. Read More

Managing Stress Without Turning to Substances

one of the most challenging hurdles for an alcoholic/addict in early recovery is overcoming the curse of walking through life with a distorted perception.

One of the most challenging hurdles for an alcoholic/addict, in early recovery, is overcoming the curse of walking through life with a distorted perception. Stress is the perception that more is being demanded, of an individual, than he/she can manage. Stress can be rooted in many areas such as work, finances, family conflict, interpersonal relationships, health, legal consequences,… Read More

Alumni Outlook: Reconciling Regrets in the Search for Self-Acceptance

Alumni Outlook - How I reconciled regrets in my search for self-acceptance

“…we can fortify and cheer ourselves by remembering what A.A. experience in this Step has meant to others. It is the beginning of the end of isolation from our fellows and God.” (Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions pg. 82) For as long as I can remember, I always found a way to turn any disastrous trauma into utter… Read More

Alumni Outlook: A Woman’s Take on Grief, Loss and Emotional Trauma

Womans take on grief loss and making amends

“Only people who are capable of loving strongly can also suffer great sorrow, but this same necessity of loving serves to counteract their grief and heals them.” ― Leo Tolstoy January 6, 2013, was just another day, seemingly like any other day. After battling (what we all believed to be) the flu, I remember it was the first… Read More

Finding Happiness in Recovery: How the Ultimate Hype Girl Turned Her Life Around

Testimonial for recovery - finding happiness in recovery

My addiction gracefully led me down many roads. More often than not, I found myself in complete isolation and I reveled in the chaos ruling my thoughts. When the noise became intolerable, I’d be sure to hang out with the “trainwrecks”. A sick satisfaction and justification came with hearing the stories of the people, I felt, were far… Read More