Maryland Fights Drug Epidemic with Diverse Mix of Strategies

How MD faces the drug epidemic

The dire statistics may be surprising for a state that conjures up images of diverse cities, bucolic farms, lacrosse, eating crabs and the beautiful Chesapeake Bay. But alongside these more wholesome activities, Maryland has a drug epidemic that is eating it alive, much like the way those crabs scavenge at the bottom of the bay. The National Institute… Read More

Alumni Outlook: Benefits of Continued Therapy in Recovery

Why you should continue therapy after rehab

Most people assume the remedy for recovery involves detox and abstinence from the drugs/alcohol. The truth is, this is only the beginning. Recovery is a life-long process, one that requires discipline and most importantly intensive treatment and therapy.  Addiction is usually a symptom of an underlying issue such as trauma, abuse, grief, and many other mental health disorders…. Read More

Drug Profile: OxyContin

Oxycontin - Drug Profile - Abuse, Addiction and Treatment

“OxyContin” is a type of painkiller that may be prescribed for the treatment of acute pain as well as some forms of chronic pain. OxyContin is the brand name for the drug “oxycodone hydrochloride.” It’s sometimes referred to as “oxycodone OxyContin” as a result. The drug is an opioid and a narcotic, which means it can be addictive—… Read More

Connecticut’s Great Face-Off: Opiates and Legalized Pot vs. Addiction Treatment

Connecticut's Great Face-off- Opiates & Legalized pot vs addiction treatment

Over the last few years, Connecticut has faced a growing epidemic of opioid overdoses. The state, ranked 11th in highest overdose rates, saw 27.4 deaths per 100,000 residents in 2016. Overdose deaths have grown from 357 in 2012 to 1,038 in 2017, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Connecticut’s cities and towns have taken… Read More

Challenge and Progress: Connecticut & The Opioid Crisis

Local News - Connecticut - And the Opioid Crisis

As the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) reports, few regions of the United States have been hit by the opioid crisis as hard as New England, with Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts all experiencing annual overdose counts that are breaking records. Another New England State, Connecticut is making news when it comes to pervasive issues with drugs as well. NIDA reports that… Read More

Getting Personal: New Tech Helps Fight Impaired Driving in Colorado

New Tech Helping Fight Impaired Driving in Colorado- Marijuana News

Despite aggressive anti-DUI campaigns and strict impaired driving laws throughout the country, drug- and alcohol-impaired drivers continue to cause a staggering number of fatalities on our roadways. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that of the 37,133 people who died in traffic accidents nationwide in 2017, approximately 28 percent of the crashes involved a driver who was legally impaired by… Read More

Battle of the Back Roads: Arkansas Responds to the Rural Drug Trade

Battle of the Back Roads

Known as the Natural State, Arkansas is home to over 3 million people in the southern United States. And, like most states throughout the U.S., illicit drug use is rampant throughout Little Rock, Fort Smith, Fayetteville and beyond. This is particularly true for opioid use. Like many of its neighbors such as Oklahoma, Mississippi and Texas, overdose deaths from heroin as well… Read More

Truth, Fiction and Real Solutions on Arizona’s Southern Border

Truth, Fiction and Real Solutions on the Arizona Border

Will a wall alone, separating the U.S. from Mexico really stop the flow of drugs into the country? While proponents of President Trump’s wall say yes, law enforcement and drug smuggling authorities say no. News reports of drug smugglers using tunnels under existing Mexico-U.S. barriers are common and not surprising to border patrol agents. Recently, a tunnel that Mexican… Read More

Alumni Outlook: The Hardest Part of Recovery

Alumni Addiction Testimonial - the hardest part of recovery

Whether we have been sober 3 years or 30 days, most would agree our sickness is propelled by negative thinking and behaviors. The common connection between all addicts is our fundamental inability to deal with emotions. Many addicts turn to drugs/alcohol in order to escape reality and shift our thinking. Once we escape the grips of addiction, for… Read More

Drop in Drug Overdose Deaths & Other Addiction News

Drop in drug overdose deaths and other addiction news

In areas around the United States, new policies and measures are going into place to help minimize the number of people dying from drug overdoses. It seems to be working, but there is still more work to do. Take a closer look at what is happening in and around Cuyahoga County and the rest of northern Ohio. 2018 Drug Overdose… Read More