Father of Slain Alabama College Football Player Charged with Trafficking

Father of Slain College Football Player Charged with Trafficking

Drug Trafficking — Father of Slain College Football Player Charged Drug trafficking is a constant problem in many areas of the United States. Law enforcement professionals work to keep communities free from illegal sales of drugs, especially those that can commonly cause fatal overdoses. Yet a constant supply of drugs continues to occur, creating a high… Read More

Charlotte Airport drug busts reveal troubling trends

Charlotte Airport Drug Busts Reveal a Troubling Trend

Two new cases of trafficking large amounts of illicit substances in early December 2018 were added to the tally in the Charlotte, NC, area, where there have been a shocking number of similar crimes in the past year. In this case, officials made major busts on back-to-back days, seizing $34,000 worth of marijuana one day… Read More

Lizella, GA man arrested in drug raid

Lizella Man Arrested in $150,000 Drug Raid

A drug raid on December 10, 2018, yielded a huge bust of a man presumably looking to distribute over $150,000 worth of multiple different drugs. Central Georgia enforcement officials, during a routine raid in Houston and Bibb counties, were able to take the suspect, Robert Jerome Law, into custody. According to official reports, the drugs seized broke… Read More

How inmates are denied treatment

The Denial of Treatment for Incarcerated Addicts

It’s been well-documented that the way addicts are treated in prison does practically nothing to support recovery, and recent news is showing that in some areas, this trend is worsening despite legislation intended to counteract these issues. In a Boston-area jail, an inmate was refused his right to take prescribed methadone for an opioid addiction. In Vermont,… Read More

New ideas for treating behavioral addictions

New Ideas for Treating Behavioral Addictions

Behavioral addiction is an addiction to an activity that causes physical and/or psychological harm to the individual. Common behavioral addictions include gambling, sex, shopping, hoarding, video games, and the Internet. Internet and Other Behavioral Addictions–Are They Real? Internet addiction is a relatively new type of behavioral addiction involving the inability for someone to stay off… Read More

Can Responses to Stress be passed down Genetically

Can Responses to Stress Be Passed Down Genetically?

In the traditional view of genetics, the things encoded in your genes are distinct traits, such as hair color or whether you have a higher risk for heart disease. Genes from parents, grandparents and more distant ancestors combine to give you those specific traits, and most scientists thought that those genes were mostly unchangeable. New… Read More

Anti-opioid vaccine - the latest developments

An Anti-Opioid Vaccine? The Latest Developments

When we think of vaccines, we immediately think of infectious diseases like the measles, mumps, pertussis and polio. But now, Scripps Research Institute researchers have developed a possible anti-opioid (addiction) vaccine involving monoclonal antibodies to prevent opioid addiction in at-risk individuals. Afterall, we often hear that ‘addiction is a disease‘ right? Monoclonal antibodies are created in the… Read More

Using VR to Beat Addiction

Using Virtual Reality to Beat Addiction

Breaking free from drugs and alcohol can be a challenge, but new technology may be able to help ease the process. Virtual reality, often referred to simply as VR, could be one important new tool in the fight against addiction and substance abuse. How VR Works VR involves slipping on a headset to immerse yourself… Read More