Drug Profile: Daytrana

Drug Profile: Daytrana

Approved for use in April 2006 by the Federal Drug Administration, Daytrana is a skin patch produced and marketed by Noven Pharmaceuticals. The drug is also a “methyphenidate transdermal system” (MTS). Daytrana is most commonly used as a daily treatment for “attention deficit hyperactivity disorder” (ADHD) in children ages 6 to 17. When oral medication treatments are not… Read More

Drug Profile: Codeine Syrup

Codeine syrup is a narcotic that doctors prescribe to treat mild pain and respiratory complaints. It acts as a cough suppressant, so it has been featured in various prescription cough syrup brands for decades. Because this drug has been a prominent ingredient in cough syrups like Promethazine for so long and is a staple in the pantheon of… Read More

Indiana Ranks in Top 5 States Worst-Off for Drugs

Indiana Ranks in T

While there’s nothing remotely humorous about the nation’s drug epidemic and the suffering it encompasses, an Indiana sheriff’s office tried its hand at lightheartedness by taking to social media with a post that encourages area drug dealers to effectively rat each other out. The “tongue-in-cheek Facebook post” was issued by the Jennings County Sheriff’s Department and included a… Read More

Illinois Fights Drug Abuse on Multiple Fronts, But Marijuana May No Longer Be One of Them

Illinois Fights Drug Abuse - Recent Drug News

The state of Illinois is currently debating a new bill that promises to legalize recreational marijuana use. While there are some conflicting arguments about the bill, the sticking point might be a surprise to all those waiting to see how Illinois votes. And just as lawmakers appear poised to greenlight marijuana, they are also creating more punitive measures… Read More

Drug Profile: Dexedrine

Drug Profile for Dexedrine

In 1929, Gordon Alles, a biochemist, was actively working on an alternative decongestant when he discovered the first known amphetamine. By 1945, amphetamine tablet sales had reached more than $2 million in revenue, with Dexedrine accounting for $650,000 in sales. It is widely believed by experts that this time period marked the United States’ first amphetamine epidemic. Throughout… Read More

Mississippi’s Overdose Deaths Could Overwhelm Crime Labs, Beg Reforms

Mississippi's Overdose Deaths - Could Overwhelm Crime Labs Beg Reforms

Every state has its attractions and Mississippi is no exception. From mouthwatering food like delicious Gulf shrimp and sweet potato pie to the glory of Ole Miss, the state has no shortage of traditions to be proud of. Not to mention the beauty of the Mississippi River herself, one of the world’s longest rivers, which has provided sustenance… Read More

“I’m Still Fun, Even Though I’m Sober”

Alumni Outlook - I'm Fun Even Though I'm Sober

When I was first asked to write about the topic of fun in sobriety, naturally I started scrolling through Google looking for everyone else’s “fun in sobriety” experience. My screen was flooded with “10 Ways to Have Fun in Sobriety,” “20 Fun Activities to Rediscover in Sobriety,” and many similar self-help articles. If I’m being totally transparent, my… Read More

Drug-Busting Idaho Leads Nation in Hospitality to Naloxone

Drug Busting Idaho

According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse, in 2017 (the most recent year for which there are drug-related fatality stats) the state of Idaho saw 103 deaths from opioid overdoses at a rate of 6.2 deaths per 100,000 persons. While this rate is significantly better than the national rate of 14.6 deaths per 100,000 persons, it’s clear… Read More

In Vermont, Burlington Screens Those Arrested for Substance Use Disorders and Brattleboro Nabs Drug Dealers

Vermont Cracks Down on Drug Trafficking While Encouraging Addiction Treatment The number of deaths related to opioids in Vermont has risen above the national average in recent years. Last year, more than 100 people lost their lives to an opioid overdose. Especially noteworthy is the increase in fentanyl-related deaths. While the opioid epidemic continues to make headlines in… Read More