Facebook, Instagram and Public Exposure: How the Growing Invasion of Privacy Is Affecting Mental Health

Facebook IG and Public Exposure

In today’s world, people face mass surveillance in more ways than ever before. A walk through cities with extensive monitoring systems can mean being captured on camera hundreds of times in a single day without being aware of it. In addition, popular social media companies expose their users’ lives to the public in various ways. The data collected… Read More

Male and Depressed? Here’s How Recovery Is Possible

Male and depressed? Here's how recovery is possible

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, anxiety and depression are the most common mental illnesses in America today. In fact, more than 40 million adults age 18 and older suffer from some type of depression or mental illness. While women are more likely to suffer from depression than men, statistics show that 9% of the male… Read More

How Today’s Treatments Spell “Hope” for Those With Schizophrenia

Hope for Those with Schizophrenia

What Is Schizophrenia? Schizophrenia is a serious mental illness characterized by an inability to distinguish reality from fantasy. People with schizophrenia must take antipsychotic medications to reduce symptom severity. Although an exact cause of schizophrenia has yet to be determined, psychiatrists and neuroscientists believe that excess dopamine in the brain from the misfiring of neurons responsible for regulating dopamine produces psychotic features… Read More

Signs That Body Modification May Be Becoming an Addiction

Signs that Body Modification is an addiction

While once rare and unusual, body modification is now a part of mainstream American culture. Piercings can be placed almost anywhere: what was once limited to primarily the earlobe has now evolved, with options for the lips, nose, cheeks, and chin, as well as more unusual piercing choices, like corset piercings. Tattoos are also far more common than they were decades… Read More

Mental Health Warning Signs Everyone Should Know

Mental Health Warning Signs Everyone Should Know - FHE Blog

Most people know it’s a good idea to see the dentist for a toothache or a doctor for the flu, but many of these same people allow signs of mental health problems to go unchecked in themselves and others. This decision to ignore mental health is often unintentional. Perhaps you aren’t aware of how many people are affected,… Read More

An Eye-opening Look at Therapy Solutions for ADD / ADHD

An eye-opening look at therapy solutions for ADD/ADHD

Certain patterns of behavior can be extremely worrying when you observe them in your child. Erratic behavior, impulsive decision-making, hyperactivity and lack of focus can all be indicative of several disorders, but a very likely one is ADHD. Most parents know that ADHD is a mental disorder that fits loosely in the category of learning disorders or conditions that make it… Read More

A Day in the Life of Inpatient Mental Health Treatment: Demystifying What It’s Really Like

A Day in the life of inpatient mental health treatment

For many people, particularly those inexperienced with mental illness, the perception of inpatient mental health care in the United States is largely based on popular culture. The stereotypes certainly don’t bring reassurances. From barbaric treatments employed in the early days of mental health to the depiction of disturbed patients in straight jackets, many people, even those who need… Read More

Treating Co-Occurring Disorders to Help Prevent Suicide

Treating Co-ocurring disorders to help prevent suicide

According to the 2016 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), approximately 8.2 million American adults had a mental illness as well as a substance use disorder within the past year. The same study also documented a co-occurrence of serious mental illness and the presence of substance use disorder within 2.6 million American adults. Co-occurring disorders, also… Read More

When Is ADHD Medication Necessary for Your Child?

When is it necessary to medicate for ADHD

It’s estimated that 13% of men and 4% of women live with an attention-deficit disorder such as ADD or ADHD. These conditions significantly impact a person’s ability to focus in certain settings, which is why many adults in this population manage their condition with medication. In children, however, addressing ADHD is not so clear. Without a behavioral history to use as a reference,… Read More

Mental Health in the Military: What Every Vet Should Know About Their Treatment Options

What every vet should know about their treatment options

The intensities of war, demand for mental and physical toughness and separation from family make military veterans susceptible to a wide range of mental health risks. A study conducted reported by the American Psychology Association reveals just how widespread military mental health challenges are. In 2013, there were 1,080 suicide attempts and 245 suicides among active duty service members. A… Read More